Long Time No See

The title of this post covers more than one subject.

First would be that I haven’t been doing anything on this blog for the past month as I had to deal with the trainwreck that was my exams. They ended last Friday, so I have a little vacation time now.

The second would be that I had been having an itch to build something since quite long ago but haven’t had the time to. Now that everyone’s building their own Sinanju’s, I figured why not join the bandwagon and got myself one too.

It might have been a bite bigger than I could chew. He costs a bomb too.

Having not touched my cutter and knife for quite some time I was quite overwhelmed by the complexity of this guy. So far after around four days I’ve only managed to complete the head and torso.

Since I don’t have much modding skill, I’ll just have this guy done up nice and simple. Problem would be finding the nonexistent waterslide decals for him. I may have to resort to using the dry transfers. I’ve heard it’s a pain applying them onto the curved surfaces. I have to find some shop which still has the decals in stock. The usual online outlets are all sold out long ago.


10 thoughts on “Long Time No See”

  1. Wow. You did bit something more than you can chew… Dude, seriously, good luck in putting the decals/stickers/whatnots on him.

    No sweat, after a few hours of (re-)training, you’d be up and running with your cutters. =D

  2. welcome backs! haha.. i recently got this bad-assed kit too! since EVERYONE is doing sinanju. tho i was fortunate enough to get it together with the rare waterslides. but i have too many incompleted kits lying ard, so i’ll keep this guy in his box for awhile more.. i think you can try to find some decals over at samueldecals.com for it.. good luck! great to see you back! =)

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