figma Dead Master

Ignore the 2 in the URL of this entry. It’s due to the draft shenanigans as I made a blank draft with the same name earlier and deleted it but WordPress refuses to get rid of the 2.

figma Dead Master seems to be more popular than BRS as I’ve been seeing people asking if Dead Master can be bought anywhere, unlike BRS. This is quite a surprise since Max Factory has been adopting the unlimited pre-orders method and BRS is mostly shelfwarming in retail stores now because lots and lots of people pre-ordered and got her. Aside from some minor issues, this figma deserves some praise and would definitely go well with BRS.

On to the subject proper, I find the green package colour pretty refreshing.

The included cardboard cutout for decorating one’s di:stage. Wonder why it’s orange and not green instead. Anyway I have an unopened di:stage lying around for a long time already. I think I got it when HLJ had a free shipping sale. Seriously, I was that stupid. Should have gotten something big and heavy instead but I think I probably won’t afford anything like that.

Dead Master doesn’t come jam-packed with tons of accessories, but she makes up for it in terms of size. Hope she isn’t compensating for anything lol.

You get her Dead Scythe, two skulls, an extra face, 4 extra pairs of hands, two stands for displaying the skulls, the figma stand and a figma parts bag. There are two pairs of hands for holding stuff, one pair of fists (which look like holding-things hands probably due to the long fingers) and one pair of relaxed hands, as well as a pair of open palms which are not symmetrical – the right hand has the pinky in a strange angle.

No complex paintjob but good-looking nonetheless.

Her horns and wings are made of clear plastic. The horns are also painted in a nice gradient.

Her clothing is done in a flat finish while her hands and heels are done in gloss.

The wings look fragile so the figure may have to be handled rather carefully. Maybe that’s why the lower body and skirt is made of hard plastic instead of soft plastic as one would expect.

The locks of hair on either side of her head are made of soft plastic.

You can start to see the quality issues close up. Because of the flat finish, it’s really easy for scuff marks to appear on the figure.

The white ribbons are a nice touch.

You can’t see it in this photo but her left leg is stained with black paint pretty badly. There are black fingerprints. :s

The upper waist joint is quite flexible.

There isn’t as much missing from the back of the head compared to BRS so she can’t look up as high.

The waist looks quite unnatural when twisted to this degree though.

She doesn’t have thick sleeves so her elbow range as wide as it can get. The left shoulder joint on my figure is a little loose for my liking.

The lower body is made of hard plastic so the skirt cannot bend, restricting the forward range of the hip joint. Furthermore the flat finish on her clothing means that scuff marks would appear on her leggings? I think those are leggings. Not too sure about that.

The extra face. Finger-lickin’ good.

Unfortunately her pinky is bent in some weird angle which makes it impossible to touch her tongue, unlike the box photos. It’s possible to bend it back to the proper position though.

The skulls are quite heavy. I think they are solid inside so that means they have brains or something. They are also drybrushed and their jaws are movable.

Dead Scythe. The drybrushing and organic sculpt makes it look sinister. It’s sharp and fragile.

At this point my camera ran out of power so I took the rest of the photos at a different time.

Go Fangs/Funnels/Dragoon etc.

The OVA scenes weren’t memorable so I just made the most out of whatever sketchy stuff I could recall.

The quality issues are to be expected of mass-produced toys and one may need to be a little careful handling the figure to avoid ruining the flat finish. For some reason this figma costs slightly more than BRS despite having fewer accessories and no DVD. It could be due to the amount of plastic used for the skulls. My standards may be too high (or I may be too poor) but I expected a little better quality given the higher price.

Otherwise, it’s a good-looking figure especially if you like girls in black holding weapons bigger than themselves. Now Black Gold Saw… a very tempting figure but why are their hands getting bigger with every new figure? Who knows the fourth figma from this series might have even bigger hands than BGS.



16 thoughts on “figma Dead Master”

  1. love her scythe and the dry brushing on it as well as the skulls. i was hoping her dress be soft plastic for better posing 😦 DM does look great in poses! ^^

    the skulls dont have brains they are just thick headed lol

    1. I was surprised to see it was made of hard plastic too given how many figmas have soft material for their clothes.

      Nice one on the skulls! Didn’t occur to me that way. LOL!

    1. Haha I would admit that I used to collect SH Figuarts more often but now I’m getting more figmas instead.

      Dead Master is a character from an OVA titled Black Rock Shooter, it’s a pretty lousy OVA in my opinion and there was some crazily excessive marketing and merchandising but the character designs are quite well-done.

    1. Haha save the money from 2 1/144 kits and you have enough cash to get a figma. That was how I convinced myself to stop buying 1/144 scale kits and buy 1/100 kits instead. You’ll end up buying less often though.

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