Gets for Today

So AFA X (X for 2010 – similar to Masked Rider X, the letter X was used just the third time into a series. Using the letter X so early means there isn’t a chance to use it for a better time in the future.) is coming this weekend but I’m not going there this time.

For one, I have exams later this month as usual. Second, the ticket pricing is even more ridiculous than last year’s, and for me there isn’t much new stuff to expect. It’s not worth the even shittier grades than I already have now to see repeat stuff. Most of the events are repeats from last year, and I have no idea who the new stars that are coming are. I’m not a crazed animu fan so I have no idea who AKB848 and all the other singers are.

On the other hand there is the airing of the Gundam 00 movie and The Disappearance of Haruhi. I’ve read spoilers for both of them already so I don’t want to pay extra and go there on both days early in the morning just to see this. I’ll wait for their DVD releases and watch them in peace.

And if you convince yourself that the people going there are all hikikomori’s leaving their rooms once a year for this, then maybe you’ll want to skip this event too. Or if you make yourself believe all the horror stories about crazed hambeasts/neckbeards and stuff and you’re mingling with people like these (WARNING: adult content galore on the rest of the site).

So weigh these against my shitty exam grades and you’ll have a clear winner.

Anyway the postman came today with this box a few days later than I expected. Since it’s SAL, that couldn’t be helped, but imagine my reaction to this.

Oh crap. Wonder if anything inside is squashed.

Thank goodness everything is pristine. As for the Nendoroid Petit box, I’ll be hounding someone for payment again.

Mio joins the rest of the band after being late by almost a year. Oh god what have I done.

I guess Ichiro Mizuki deserves a mention here since he sang the theme to Kamen Rider X and he’s going to AFA again.

9 thoughts on “Gets for Today”

  1. Wow…. your new nendo loots is exciting… luckily I’m not into it….. that’s about SGD 300 you spent there….. cool…..

    About those event like STGCC or AFA, I haven’t had the chance, but maybe someday I will go at least once just to experienced it… 1 time should be enough I guess…

    1. I surprised myself a little too.

      I don’t attend many of the events here either because I usually get the news late. But it’s definitely great to experience them once.

    1. Luckily the stuff they are planning don’t interest us. I remember the first AFA in 2008 had the release of the 1/100 00 Gundam on the same day as Japan, now that was worth it. And the ticket price was what? $2 if I remember correctly. Those were good days.

    1. Probably, yes. I think in this case I like their cuteness so much I can’t bear to open them.

      Hmm the Haruhi movie had shaky cams but not for Gundam 00. Haruhi is more popular than Gundam?! Haha!

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