figma Fate T. Harlaown Barrier Jacket Ver.

Here is everyone’s favorite character.

This figure probably has the highest accessory volume compared to others in the line.

She comes with her mantle/cape, Bardiche Assault in Haken Form, parts for Assault and Zanber Form, as well as a short staff for use with Zanber Form, extra front hair piece and face, four extra pairs of hands (5 pairs total – fists, holding-things hands, pointing hands, two pairs of open hands), the figma stand and joint parts for holding the mantle up. Not pictured is an instruction sheet and the figma parts bag.

Here is Fate without her mantle. The characteristic wonky calves are really obvious at certain angles.

The drawback to this face is that poses are limited to her looking to her right.

Extra hair piece with flowing sideburns? Are they even called sideburns?

The clothing underneath is shown as well. The shoulder joint is well hidden in the sleeves.

The asymmetrical design of the arms is faithfully reproduced.

The inner skirt is made of soft plastic.

Metallic paint is used on the accents and armor-ish bits.

The twin tails’ ball joints are located further back of the head. As with most older figmas she can’t look upwards.

Standard range of articulation for the arms. Unlike Nanoha, Fate uses ball-jointed pegs for the hands.

Due to the difference in clothing design, she comes with a double-jointed waist joint. On my figure it is really loose and the lower body falls off without needing much force. It seems like the joint isn’t deeply set enough. I’m quite worried of paint chipping.

The joint gives slightly better range than Nanoha and turns all the way around.

The hip joint is more limited though.

Fate has her mantle on. Unsurprisingly it affects the centre of gravity by quite a bit. It’s made of soft plastic but doesn’t have any joint so it’s limited to floating behind like so. Maybe the soft plastic is for reducing weight. The black painted trim transfers really easily onto the hair or face so one may need to be careful when posing her head.

It’s supported using one of the two parts provided. A different-shaped one is used when mounting the figure on the stand.

The blade effects are made of translucent, solid plastic. It makes them sharp and fragile, and the Zanber Form blade weighs quite a bit. Form changing is achieved by swapping the tip. Zanber Form has a rather short hilt so I’m just using the long one for additional overkill.

Like this.

I didn’t do another Cast Off picture so we’ll have to pretend she just got out of Clock Up Sonic Move.

Because of the weight of the blade, I can’t get the figure to rotate properly and it kept on sagging. I think somewhere around this point one of the jacket buttons’ paint chipped because the waist was the only location for holding the figure. The upper body is blocked by the mantle while the lower body falls off easily.

Some height comparison between her and the Zankantou Zanber Form.

Unlike Nanoha, Fate has all of Bardiche Assault’s forms reproduced, not counting the Riot Forms that come with True Sonic Form. Accessories are glorious and there was so much protective plastic I probably spent ages removing everything from the tray and laying them out. At some angles she may look a little unnatural so one may have to frequently keep her head angled like the picture above. The mantle is also quite unwieldy because it lacks any joint and stains neighboring light-colored areas easily. Along with the huge-ass weapons, one may need quite a bit of display space to display her in action.

Looks like I’m having trouble finding myself some space too.



14 thoughts on “figma Fate T. Harlaown Barrier Jacket Ver.”

  1. I see you have acquire successfully Fate. You team tag team is complete. =D

    Some say that Fate is a distant relative of Zengar Zombolt, as both has overly large blades as weapons. XD

    1. Yea I saw Mandarake’s listing for her at 5000 yen before Max Factory re-issued her. Now I think the price is lower, but it would probably go back up steadily again.

    1. That’s why I called it a Zankantou. It’s literally “Ship-cutting Sword” in Japanese. The huge swords in a certain Gundam series are also called Anti-Ship Swords, and a certain similarly-sized weapon in Super Robot Wars Original Generation is called Zankantou. There. 🙂

  2. My figma Fate was her waist joint is so tight I can’t even put her together 😦 I already chipped some of the white painting on the border of the flaps of her jacket 😦

    1. Yes I noticed that the paint work on her chips pretty easily. Gotta be careful trying to put her together. Maybe you can wrap the parts in some soft cloth before forcing them together. Or you could try dipping her upper body in some warm water to make things easier.

  3. My solution was to make her hole bigger… (that sounds just so not right xD) and now it fits, but her beautiful jacket lacks a good part of the white lines 😦

    She’s beautiful though :p

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