figma Takamachi Nanoha Barrier Jacket Ver.

I’m quite slow in catching the Nanoha bandwagon but when I saw her and Fate being scheduled for a re-release I made an impulse purchase seeing how people on some forums were going crazy and scrambling to get their preorders in. I went on to marathon all three series before regretting not joining the rush to preorder Signum. Looks like Signum is the rarest among the characters, followed by Fate. I saw Vita, Yagami Hayate and Teana Lanster on sale in a shop locally, while Subaru Nakajima was also pretty hard to come by. Anyway, on to the review proper.

Looks like this is one of the first figmas around. It’s still pretty well-made.

The reason for the upsized box is Nanoha’s Axel Fins.

She comes with Raising Heart Excelion and parts to create Axel Mode and Buster Mode. Unfortunately, parts for Exceed Mode are not provided. She also has an extra front hair piece, extra face, Axel Fins, 4 extra pairs of hands (5 pairs total – fists, holding-things hands, two pairs of open hands and a pair of pointing hands) and the standard figma stand. Not pictured is an instruction sheet and the figma parts bag.

Here we have adult Nanoha. I’m not sure why everyone prefers the loli (9-year old) version though. Pedophiles everywhere?

The faces are very nicely done.

Face swap.

The extra hair piece is an enantiomer a mirror image of the original one. I think it’s meant to recreate scenes where the bit of hair sticking out always faces the same direction she looks in or something.

The paint job is pretty well-done. Metallic colors are used on the red and gold trim all over. The puffy sleeves are made of soft plastic and can move to conceal the shoulder joint well.

Neo Zeon approved sleeves.

The cape simply rests on her waist and is easily removed just by lifting and turning it around so it falls out. To minimize the risk of paint transfer on the white areas I stuck scotch tape on the inside of the cape.

There is metallic blue paint on her shoes too. A lot of attention is paid to detail. Also, Absolute Territory.

Her twin tails are on ball joints. They may be prone to breaking if one is not careful.

The head joint is limited by the back of the head so she can’t look up, only forward, and that’s as far down as she can go.

Range of motion for the arms is not hindered by the puffy sleeves. Hands are connected via pegs like newer figmas.

The chest joint is also pretty limited and can only bend forward this much. It cannot bend backwards.

While the skirt is made of soft plastic, it’s molded in one piece so the figure cannot perform splits. The waist joint is free to rotate.

Range of motion for the legs.

To hold Raising Heart Excelion or to change forms is easily accomplished by removing the top and bottom parts.

Getting the hands to fit is a problem though – they’re so tight I held the stick close to the hand and worked it by twisting the stick back and forth.

The Axel Fins are made of translucent plastic. They’re sharp and quite thin so one may need to be careful. They simply attach to the soles of the shoes.

Cast Off!

So if you prefer adult characters, forget the Movie 1st and its character redesigns; this version is the one you should get.  Not including all the forms of Raising Heart Excelion is a bummer though.



8 thoughts on “figma Takamachi Nanoha Barrier Jacket Ver.”

  1. Impulse buy is impulsive. XD

    Whut? Signum too a rarity? Gureeto… My friend has both Signum AND Fate. XD
    And another has Subaru and Teana.

    And me, a certain Black-white so far, ze. =D

  2. I think why people preferred the loli (movie ver.) is because we never got the Figma adult Nanoha in Blaster Mode, while the 1st movie design is pretty much the blaster mode ver of the loli Nanoha uniform, making her look deadlier than this version.

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