Gets for Today

In the midst of my afternoon slacking the postman paid a visit and reminded me how much I’ve been spending.

My figma K-on! army is complete. I’m not sure what to do with them now. Maybe if I keep them and someday in the future if I ever have a family and children and I show them this they’ll go “Father, I am disappoint”, expecting me to show them something more awesome like an underground research lab or something instead.

17 thoughts on “Gets for Today”

    1. LOL! I think I should clarify that today’s loot was 3 figmas and the K-on! ones were accumulated over the months. Still I think I spent quite a lot this year.

  1. nice gets! i would have to keep my figures boxed up and out of sight to resist the temptation to open them XD

    lol you can build an underground research lab set for your k-on figma set and problem solved! 😛

    1. I’m trying to hold back. So far most of the Wolkenritter team don’t interest me except for Signum but she’s a really rare item so I should be fine with these two. For now.

    1. Yea they’re an affordable alternative to SIC but I’m not too keen on starting a collection in a different scale. I do like the KT Faiz figures quite a bit.

    1. I’ll have to pass on that offer, if I get her I’ll have to get Nodoka and the other random side characters too. I think the band is sufficient for me. 🙂

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