Ngee Khiong to stop blogging

Just over two years ago in August 2008, Gunota Headlines, once the de-facto one-stop source for information on all things Gundam, closed down. Most Gundam fans would probably know Ngee Khiong and his eponymous blog as the unofficial successor.

Now, he too has decided to stop posting news. I got practically all my toy news from his blog almost ever since it was created. Sometimes, I even refresh his RSS feed several times a day. It’s a loss of another great source of information.

These great people are spending their own free time providing a free service to strangers with no remuneration. When they decide to stop, there is nothing better than to support their decision. After all, us readers have been supporting them for years.

So to Ngee Khiong, thank you for doing us fans a great service. Sure you may be disappointed at some, but I would be proud to be one of the many others who are grateful.

As the Japanese say, ”お疲れ様でした”. Or, “thank you for your hard work.”

9 thoughts on “Ngee Khiong to stop blogging”

  1. wonder who will pick up the mantle and take over his role. But seems like both such news type blogs both ended up closing down…doesn’t bode well for the community..

  2. Very unfortunate news for the gunpla community. I wonder if the Cbox had some part to do with the decision. I feel it was great until the introduction of a chatbox to the site, which invited lots of issues like spammers, thrashing, flame wars, people masquerading as someone, etc.

  3. @bd77, Aya, chubbybots, Marzz, divinelight, Jacques:

    Looks like we’ll have to wait for him to post his full explanation. I read from his blog last time that he shut off comments as some people were creating trouble on his blog. Never knew that the same happened on his Chatbox until I learnt about this from reading a thread somewhere else. Some of the more insensitive posters there complained that he “is apparently a butthurt toolbag.”

    I just hope those troublemakers don’t reach our blogs.

    1. He posted his explanation today. I didn’t know that so many were criticizing about NK. I mean, he provides us with information for free, and he does a great job! Instead of appreciating his efforts and thanking him, they instead criticize him?? I didn’t know that so many people were talking bad about him. For him, I respect him and appreciates all that he has done. At least give the poor guy a break.
      And yea bro, we should really hope these troublemakers don’t reach our blogs….

      1. I braved through the long entry too.

        I expected that the reason he quit was because he was tired of biased fans since every huge franchise is sure to have biased fans like what he said. Seems like I wasn’t even half correct.

        Never knew his readership was so huge he was getting mail about all sorts of stuff like people asking him to do crazy stuff like helping them buy toys from Japan or translate Italian websites copy-pasting similar news. (WTF?) And of course the crazy people whining/complaining/etc. to him when all he does is post news in English from their non-English sources. And if it wasn’t clear to readers already, he even had to explain that he never gave any opinions nor speculated when it came to news – just posting unbiased material.

        But the whole deal about people telling him what to do/what not to do is really too much. I guess when you get such a huge readership, all the crazy vocal fans who can’t even think properly would get to you.

        No wonder he had to stop. I think he gave a pretty reasonable and justified explanation.

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