figma Black★Rock Shooter

Probably one of the most hyped phenomena this year – there was so much marketing everywhere before the OVA was released and DVDs of the OVA were being thrown in as freebies with all sorts of magazines. I fell for the hype too.

Comes with a punch-out label for the di:stage.

As with the Nendoroid version this figma also comes with a DVD of the OVA. Unfortunately opening the paper sleeve means having to destroy it.

figma Black★Rock Shooter comes jam-packed with accessories. There are also lots of protective plastic sheets surrounding the figure. You might need a little patience getting rid of those around the body. Hearing stories of how other owners broke the chest joint trying to remove the plastic, I pulled at the plastic at several places around the figure until it gave way. The one around the waist was removed by first pulling the coat tails off their figma joints.

You get the ★Rock Cannon, the Black Blade, extra hair piece with the blue flame effect, two extra faces, four extra pairs of hands, two figma stands, one arm attachment and two heavy chains. Not pictured is the figma parts bag and an instruction sheet on how to mount the ★Rock Cannon to the stand using the arm attachment.

I thought I’d tweak the White Balance setting on my camera to “Fluorescent” but it failed so badly so I had to mess with some sliders in Photoshop. You might see a little colour inconsistency in the first few photos.

Because of the huge hair pieces and coat, the figure is pretty back-heavy. I had to use the figma stand to hold it up all the time.

Pictures of the early prototype had the bikini string molded as part of her waist block.

The paint job is mostly well-done. There are also some detailed areas like the zips on the top of her boots. There are some minor imperfections but those are expected from a mass-produced toy. Furthermore I bet this particular figma was given an extra large production run so I wasn’t having high expectations on quality control.

Clothes are also nice and glossy though the figma joints are in matte plastic.

The back of the head is missing except for the hair, a minor aesthetic sacrifice for better head articulation. I saw pictures of this before its release and thought the appearance of the figure would be ruined but the hoodie covers it well enough.

The twin tails are joined to the head with figma joints, making them less prone to breakage and allowing for a really wide range of motion.

You can mix and match the extra faces and hair piece for many combinations. The front hair piece is slightly larger than the back half of the head to make the seam less obvious.

The blue flame effect is gorgeous. I love how clear it is and it catches light well.

That’s how high you can raise her twin tails.

Her head can look up because a chunk of the back is gone.

Shoulder articulation is pretty great – the hoodie collar is made of soft plastic and can give way just a little.

The coat tails have figma joints and can move in all sorts of directions, perfect for poses involving trying to look cool with the wind blowing around.

The range of motion of the chest joint isn’t very much.

Her shorts are made of a piece of soft plastic and hides the hip joints pretty well without compromising on range of motion. You can see some black spots on the inside of her right thigh – they came along with the figure.

The legs of her shorts wrap around the hip joints similar in style to figma Rider.

Standard range of motion for her legs.

The ★Rock Cannon is highlighted with a little brown.

Action time.

There is an extra pair of hands without wrist joints. They don’t really help in holding up the BFG because its weight messes with the figure’s balance.

That’s where the extra stand and arm attachment come in handy.

Sword kung fu. The Black Blade is flexible though you could still poke an eye out with the tip.

★★★Shooter Kick★★★

Dual wielding.

Replicating the pose of the popular statue.

Fiddled with the figure for quite a while before managing to perch it on top of the cannon.

That’s it. It’s a nice-looking figure, much nicer than I expected. The figure really fits with the OVA; you can put it in any random pose and it will look like it came from the show (which also involved lots of random posing all over the place)

Too bad the OVA was pretty shoddy even by my pretty high thresholds for suspension of disbelief (the key to enjoying shows like Kamen Rider). I’ll just quote some of the more prominent bits from the reviews over at MyAnimeList. The highly varied scores posted there are probably due to the generated popularity.

The main issue with Black Rock Shooter is that there is no explanation as to what is actually going on, or more importantly, why.

…the lack of any real direction makes one wonder what they’ve just watched.

…the whole deal with the parallel world is never investigated…

The viewer must assume certain things in order for the story to work, … there is simply too much missing from Black Rock Shooter to allow for any viable suspension of disbelief.

I think the main deal-breaker of the OVA was the crazy disjointedness and lack of direction. I felt like I wasted 50 minutes watching some crap AMV from Youtube. (gotta hate those things)

With that said I’d still believe that most people got her simply because of her character design. So don’t let the OVA stop you if you want to get her. 🙂



14 thoughts on “figma Black★Rock Shooter”

    1. I think 5 minutes into the OVA I pressed fast forward to watch at high speed with chipmunk voices. Then a few minutes later I pressed fast forward again to watch at triple speed.

  1. When the BRS OVA managed to undercut my already low expectations, I was pretty irritated. I thought I got over my resentment for the OVA, yet when I look at my order list for the upcoming months, I noticed that my once boiling anticipation for the GSC 1/8 BRS re-release is now only lukewarm.

    I wonder how many people took it further and outright canceled their preorders for BRS-related swag. It’s kind of silly to take the OVA too personally, yet I’m sure it’s enough to permanently tarnish the appeal of the character designs.

    1. You’re absolutely right. I was also thinking whether to cancel my orders for BRS and Dead Master. Now that I’ve enjoyed the figma, I’m hoping Dead Master would be as good a figure.

  2. Yeah the OVA pretty much spoilt it for everyone ay?
    oh well, no complaints on my BRS ^^ except that the hands holding the rock cannon is friggin loose =/ but that was pretty much granted cus of the size of it…

    1. Yea the hand pegs are usually inconsistent. People complained that the wrist ball joints would break on the older figmas when you tried to pull them out so MF changed them to pegs. You can try applying a thin layer of super glue. I think it helps to tighten the joints.

  3. Wow, so many folks are getting her, I see. Never watched the OVA so, no comments for me.

    Her head is something like Subaru’s, as she can look UP~! (unlike most, ok, nearly all, figma).

    1. Oh god Subaru nooo I’m getting tempted to get her along with my re-issued Fate and Nanoha… And getting Subaru means having to get Teana to go along…

      Your wallet might just be much safer if you can barrier yourself from the hype of BRS.

  4. heh. haven watched the OVA yet.. maybe i’ll skipped it altogether since its not well received. lolx. it might dampen my BRS love.. XD but you’re making me wanna open my BRS FIGMA!!! im still waiting to dead master figma.. so i can open them up together.. =D nice review & photos!

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