Gets for Today

Looks like I’m getting close to completing my K-on army. I also fell victim to the incredible marketing assault of Black★Rock Shooter. Speaking of which, I’ve watched the OVA and… I don’t have nice things to say about it. Everyone and their dogs probably have a figma B★RS already so I’m wondering whether I should open mine up.

Meanwhile I’m charging my camera battery (it went totally flat shortly after I uploaded the Gundam Fiesta photos) so I used the joke of a camera on my phone to take the above picture. I think the Sony Timer on my camera activated.

If I buy a new battery, it’s going to cost more than the camera – it was a “purchase with purchase” and cost only a token amount. I don’t think I’ll be changing cameras anytime soon though, so I hope I can make the most out of what’s left of my current battery.


12 thoughts on “Gets for Today”

  1. Yowza~! Three loots in one go. Impressive. Most impressive.

    I’ll pass on the B*RS as I’ll be getting something/someone a little more… “tsundere” with a hint of staplers. =D

  2. who else did you need to complete your k-on army?

    i couldnt resist and picked up both the figma and nendo of BRS… but i havent had a chance to open them yet XD ahhh the OVA… the art was good 😛

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