Gundam Fiesta 2010

It’s been a while since I last posted something on this blog; over a month, in fact, and I can see the viewership statistics on my dashboard steadily dropping.

Well I’m back to the days of school again, and I don’t have much free time to think of ideas and spend hours doing 4komas, not to mention build any gunpla. Sorry about that. If you’re expecting toy reviews, I kinda hope I can dig up some free time for when I lay my hands on some stuff, and with the crazy amount of preorders I’ve gotten myself into, I’m pretty broke now.

Anyway I should stop delaying the good stuff – I just got home from this year’s Gundam Fiesta 2010, held at the same faraway Compass Point as last year. Enjoy the 168 photos ahead. Just a word of caution – there were no Gundam cosplaying ladies this time round as I went on a Monday morning. 😛

Most of the stuff are typical display stuff which was displayed during last year’s event as well.

This MG Tokugawa Ieyasu Musha Gundam Mk.II is a lucky draw prize.

This is a collection box of 1/144 FG kits of protagonist Gundams. Great way to milk money by selling it at a ridiculous price.

Past Gundam models.

1/48 Gundam can cry in a corner when he sees this.

I think this is almost 1/12 scale.

This MG Astray BF 2nd R done by Mr. Katsumi Kawaguchi.

Huge model of the “Advanced MS Joint”.

Parts comparison between HG, MG and RG Gundam.

Evidence of Bandai’s milking strategy displayed here.

A whole bunch of Perfect Grade kits.


The event was pretty heavy on Sangokuden stuff.

I guess even the staff couldn’t tell the difference between Kyrios and Arios Gundam so they just put two Arios Gundams.

Beginning Gundam looks strangely-proportioned.

Realised how small 1/144 scale kits are after not building them for so long.

Cyclone Joker sagged.

HGUC Sinanju and Angelo Sauper’s pretty pink Customized Geara Zulu.

Can’t wait to see MG ReZEL and whether it does have a horribly fat body when it comes out.

The HGUC Delta Plus was pretty awesome but the difficult lighting made it hard to capture on photo.

Time to count up your crimes.

MG The O, panel lined with Gundam markers and top coated.

MG kits with the clear armour deal.

Whoever posed these two guys did a pretty awesome job making them look badass.

Huge Sangokuden diorama.

Sorry for the bad angle as I was jostling with an auntie who was taking a long time photographing this guy.

You’re supposed to try your luck getting a golden ticket from the gachapon machines which gives you a chance to try your luck winning prizes from this huge gachapon machine.

This guy was fiddling with 00 Raisers on stage while talking on the phone. Multi-tasking king.

00 movie kits.

The Gundam character figures look pretty good.

Resisted myself from getting the Robot Tamashii Eva-01 which was going at a not-too-expensive-compared-to-another-department-store price.

Basketball-sized Haro box.

As I was leaving they were teaching kids how to build an FG Gundam Virtue.

Phew… That took 5 long hours to upload. I wonder why WordPress doesn’t come with an option to insert multiple images into a post at the same time. There were so many images my Firefox was freezing periodically.

10 thoughts on “Gundam Fiesta 2010”

  1. Holy smokes… That’s a lot of pictures in single page… Best that you make them into several pages, so its faster to load. IMO…

    Ah, rest assure that the MG ReZEL won’t have a fat torso as it’ll follow a similar construction like the MG Zeta/Zeta C1’s torso.

    The RG Gundam makes me waiting with much anticipation for the RG Zaku-II.

    1. Heh sorry about that. I’ll keep that in mind when I upload many photos next time. I can’t bear to spend another 5 hours pressing “insert into post” over multiple posts…

  2. best of luck with your classes, study hard 😀

    haha this post took quite a while to load, great coverage though. I like the displays there but im getting tired of the whole clear parts campaign lol hmmm wonder what kit i might get next.

    a multi image insert into a post would make life so much easier, may you get that option if you pay for the .com XD

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