I almost wanted to put off doing another comic until the last minute. Looks like I didn’t make it before midnight again.

Now for the million-dollar question: Who’s gonna end my Figuarts review killing streak? No hints this time.


10 thoughts on “Uninspired”

  1. you have G3-X also 😯 ,
    let me ques G3-X launch the grenade and the grenade hit agito and gills 😛 (decade in this case).

  2. Moral of the story: Never run into an explosion sound empty handed…

    Saber Alter: No. Thou must bear arms if not then thou shall be slayed.

  3. G3 and G4 are my fave for mecha style kamen rider
    actually I’d love if they still stick to that kind of rider design, rather than going for designs like deno, kiva, or decade 😀

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