SHF Masked Rider G3-X

So this marks the end of this week’s Figuarts review streak. I hope someone enjoyed the nonsense I put up. I don’t think there will be any more new stuff from me soon since figma Black Rock Shooter got delayed. There are so many upcoming figures I want. Looks like I’ll have to slog my ass off working.

G3-X is jam-packed with accessories.

GM-01 Scorpion pistol, GX-05 Kerberos minigun/launcher, GK-06 Unicorn sonic saw (both deployed and stored modes), Guard Acceler baton (deployed and stored), GX warhead, one pair of hands for holding melee weapons, one pair of open palms and one pair of gun-holding hands.

I stupidly deleted one of my original pictures so I can’t crop them.

G3-X and G4 are very similar in terms of sculpt. G3-X has a different head, shoulder armour and additional mount latches on the left arm and leg.

He’s painted in a metallic blue colour that is lighter than the one shown on the box. There are also many differences between the production figure and the prototype, such as sculpting and paint differences. Generally, the sculpt for the mass-produced version is slightly inferior, but it has a better paint job. The toy has red eyes but I believe they were orange on the original suit.

For example, the shoulder armour has been shrunk and re-shaped, the head is molded in less detail, but there are areas painted on the production figure but not on the prototype.

Articulation is pretty much the same as G4 and everyone else except for one minor problem – mounting the GK-06 Unicorn on the left arm restricts articulation by a lot. You can’t really lift his left arm unless you remove the saw.

Leg joints are identical to G4: fixed hip joint, ankle ball joint.

The compound eyes are gorgeous despite the colour difference. You can see the little silver bits on various places around the eyes. The antennae are made of rigid plastic and is more fragile than G4’s thicker antennae. Awesome paint job all around, especially around the police badge.

The backpack is identical to G4’s and serves no function. The power port that G4 uses to power his Gigant missile launcher is also present but useless.

The Guard Acceler baton is mounted firmly on the left leg, unlike the saw on the arm which can move around a bit.

The GX-05 Kerberos in attache mode. I don’t think the transformation is completely identical to the show but it still looks good enough.

Transformation is accomplished by sliding the stock backwards and unfolding the barrel. The safety buttons are molded in blue.

The GM-01 Scorpion pistol. Identical to G4’s, but the separable scope has a purpose:

It is mounted on top of the launcher, and the pistol serves as the firing mechanism for the GX warhead.

Stick ’em up

Time Crisis roleplay

The saw can’t do much besides making noise.

The baton is also pretty useless but it’s strong enough to fend off Unknown attacks.

You wouldn’t want to be in Hikawa’s way when he unleashes the fury of the minigun.

Rambo skills

Double team

This is one of the best figures in terms of accessories. He may be one of the weakest Riders but he sure is armed to the teeth.


23 thoughts on “SHF Masked Rider G3-X”

  1. I better not be standing in front of this guy during his review!! That is one hell of a weapon he is carrying!

    The paint job really looks good, the tons of weapons……I am really tempted when I saw this at china square…but I don’t want to start on another line of collection knowing how deep I can go once i start!

    1. Hehe in retrospect SH Figuarts are pretty expensive given that they are priced as much or even more than an RG 1/144 Gundam and they are the same size… Oh man I saw it on display and I was totally blown away. Also pay a bit more and you’ll get a bigger-sized SIC. But you can’t beat their articulation.

  2. I love this guy, well I havent seen Agito, but in decade, annoyed it was pretty much ditched at the end of the Agito arc.

    Love the minigun/rocket launcher/BFG this guy has.

    1. I never really watched Agito until pretty recently when I had enough of people saying how it was a good series so I marathoned the remaining episodes. It turns out to be a pretty good series indeed. It may not be the most dramatic but the storyline definitely holds itself together all the way and doesn’t crumble like so many other series.

  3. Robocop! 😀 Indeed this is one of the weakest KR I’ve seen, I have much respect toward Hikawa for putting it on and duking it out with the rest of them. Very honorable. This is also a very faithfully-reproduced figure too!

    1. Hikawa and all the Riders in Agito are probably some of the most badass characters ever. I’m trying to stop myself from getting Gills and co. and complete the Agito line.

      So far it’s working… :/

  4. hey guys, i hav a question, if i were to buy g3/g3-x, which should i buy? i like ’em both but could only buy one

    1. Well it depends on which version you prefer. As you know G3-X is the powered-up version of G3 and appeared pretty early in the series, so I got it. It’s the representative Technological Rider for the series.

      If you prefer the original G3 (which was pretty weaksauce in my opinion), or if you think Takahiro Omuro was badass in that one scene where he was inside the G3 suit along with Touru Houjou in G3-X, then by all means get G3. 🙂

      1. ok, i now know which to buy. thanks, and can you help me to decide if i were to buy hg 1/144 destiny gundam or ng 1/100 astray gudam red frame or robot damashii crossbone gundam x-3 or hg sword impulse gundam and i could only buy, which should i buy?

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