SHF Masked Rider G4

I got this guy on impulse because I got him and someone else together for a cheaper price. So much for trying to be thrifty.

In the Masked Rider Agito Project G4 movie, Masked Rider G4 is built by the military group GA from plans stolen from Ozawa Sumiko, creator of the G3 System. Apart from augmenting the operator’s combat skill through AI, G4 can predict enemy actions by using people with clairvoyant powers. These people are either trained orphans or kidnapped. The system is not without its flaws; before the events in the movie, every operator of the G4 eventually dies inside the suit and the AI takes over even after death, moving the suit like a puppet.

The huge rocket launcher means there is little room for any more accessories.

Accessories include the Gigant missile launcher, GM-01 Kai Type 4 pistol and extra hands: one pair of open hands, one right open hand (no idea why) and weapon-holding hands.

Back to the trend of anorexic bodies, G4 lacks the bulk to look like a powered suit.

The belt and side skirts are together as one piece, made of soft plastic. Perhaps a lesson learnt from the rigid side skirts on Ixa.

The backpack looks detailed but offers nothing.

The waist can rotate 360 degrees.

Arm articulation is standard as always.

The hip joint is still slightly restricted despite the soft side skirts. The ankle is a ball joint.

Each missile is simply mounted via a peg. There is a movable cover over the power cable port. The power cable is made of soft plastic; no wires involved. It can be inserted into the waist and launcher ports easily.

The scope on the pistol is removable because it’s a copy of the G3-X’s pistol.

The pistol can be mounted on the holster on the right thigh.

Packing some serious heat.

The missile launcher is perched precariously on the shoulder. Also, the soft plastic hands have rather short fingers and can’t really grip the weapons well.

Dead man puppet.

I was a little surprised to see a movie-only character get a regular release since Bandai’s first attempt with the Kabuto movie riders failed horribly and since then every other figure has been an exclusive. Maybe they wanted to bank on the popularity of the Decade and Double movie.



5 thoughts on “SHF Masked Rider G4”

  1. Hi my first time here.
    Great figures, I still prefer G3-X design,but the Gigant is awesome will make me forget with G3-X(the looser) 🙂 .
    Talking about exclusive Bandai start doing that not only to movie see kuuga rising,growing and amazing mighty,rising ixa and they just announced accel trial form as exclusive !!!! there won’t be a surprise there will be kamen rider cyclone accel extreme as exclusive soon !!!!!!

    1. Welcome! 😀

      Haha I bombed my wallet for a very good reason you’ll see soon!

      Accel Trial is going to be an exclusive? That’s new to me. I’m not really keen on W figures so far, maybe my wallet is safe this time.

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