Wasting Time

So I was hit by a little inspiration and decided to waste time doing what you’ll see below. Took much more effort than I thought but I didn’t have all the time in the world so it was a pretty rushed job. Well it kinda serves as a teaser for what’s to come…



8 thoughts on “Wasting Time”

  1. Wow how you add in those effects! Awesome!

    Haha typical of decade to come in a middle of a big fight ^^

    1. Hahaha for the Attack Ride effect I didn’t know what was the font used in the show so I used whatever I had that looked similar. I used the Distort transformation in Photoshop to make it look in perspective. The gun effects were from copying the original gun several times and spamming glow. Doesn’t look much like the show but still recognisable.

    1. Couldn’t find any of the effects pre-made so I had to churn them out myself. Ixa was conveniently nearby so I had to use him, and Black RX seemed like a good match. I don’t have all the main Riders so I can’t really do a complete Rider War scene.

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