SHF Masked Rider Decade Violent Emotion

No prizes for those of you who correctly guessed that I laid my hands on him. Looks like I screwed up the previous post; I wanted to say that I went on a “fruitful” trip (ie. heavy wallet damage) outside on Sunday but it didn’t appear. I never got the original Decade because from the beginning there was something really wrong with his face. It could have been a combination of poor shape, flat face and misshapen compound eyes. I’m glad this one came out along with the fixed sculpt. Some people may find his darker eyes a deal-breaker, but the show-accurate bonus head more than makes up for it.

“Violent Emotion” – interesting name. For those who have yet to watch the Decade & Double movie, at the end of the TV series, Decade is supposed to be convinced that he is the Destroyer of Worlds. In the movie, he starts killing off all the other Riders and his head changes to reflect his switching of sides.

I don’t have the original Decade so I can’t be completely sure that this guy comes with the same set of accessories. Except for the extra head and missing the cut-out cards, this guy comes with the same accessories as the original Decade. (thanks, zongzong!)

Accessories include an extra normal head, Ride Booker (Gun Mode), Ride Booker, Ride Booker (Sword Mode). Extra hands apart from the fists include an extra pointing hand (not exactly pointing straight though), a pair of hands for holding the weapons, a pair of card-holding hands and a pair of open palms. Despite having card-holding hands, there are no cut-out tiny cards included.

Besides the newly-sculpted head, Decade also gets a slightly darker magenta paint job.

A comparison between Violent Emotion (left) and normal (right) heads. Sorry I don’t have the original Decade for comparison.

Differences include a different coloured forehead sensor, darker, different shaped compound eyes and face. There are also no strange seams all over the face.


Decadriver. The centre lens is clear while the body is done in a pearl-like finish. Despite the detailed paint above the centre lens, the 3 dots on either side aren’t painted in colour.

I forgot to add that the stomach and chest can rotate sideways around 30 degrees for up to 60 degrees’ rotation. A gap in the chest can be seen when bending the body backwards.

Arms are standard fare.

The hip joints are the fixed type that don’t bend downwards. The ankle joint is a rotating swivel joint.

Kamen Ride. The Ride Booker is mounted on the left hip.

The Ride Booker in Gun Mode is somehow slightly bigger than the other modes.

The Ride Booker can be opened.

Nothing special going on inside.


Just copying the pose on the box.

Dickeido Punch~

Not sure how to use the “pointing” hand.

If you have yet to own either Decades, this one in my opinion would be much better than the original because of the newer head sculpt. If you already own the original then I guess there isn’t much pressing need to get this one.



6 thoughts on “SHF Masked Rider Decade Violent Emotion”

  1. Well not much to say but, love the darker green and yellow color tip head.

    Image 24-25
    KD:”Hmm, who shall be my next victim”…WHAT!! Who stole my cards!!

  2. anyways, u can add in ur review, it contains the same accessories

    in fact, what’s different is the 2 heads only

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