SHF Masked Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form

Got this guy today. Was tempted to buy G3-X as well, but 1. I’m not printing monies and 2. that would mean starting yet another series.

Also, I tried to replace some of the photos in this blog with higher-resolution versions but it seems like there isn’t a quick way to do it. Resizing the pictures again already takes a long time. I thought it was possible to delete the existing ones on the server and simply replace them with higher-resolution images with the same filenames but it doesn’t work. All the filenames get appended with 1’s and I have to redo every post all over again if I decide to replace them. Instead I can only implement higher-resolution pictures from this post on. Well, can’t expect much from a free service.

Apologies to anyone out there who’s expecting me to be doing a Gundam model. I’ve been watching shows, reading books and finally playing Final Fantasy X. What a great life.

Package contents.

An extra face, a thumbs-up hand and four extra pairs of hands.

The body is done in a semi-gloss finish. The spikes on the arms and legs are made of soft plastic. The shoulder spikes and antennae are rigid plastic though. The paint job is gorgeous, though the box photos are a little misleading with very shiny gold all over while the actual product has a more yellow, duller gold.

Changing the eyes to the black version requires just a faceplate swap.

The horror that lies beneath the faceplate.

Instead of smoke gray, the eyes have a green tint.

The Arcle Belt is done in smoke gray.

The shoulder armour touches the body so one may risk chipping the paint when they rub.

Sculpted detail on the belt. The belt is actually a separate piece from the waist and hip pieces.

Size comparison with Mighty Form. Mysteriously half a head taller. I hope this isn’t a trend for all other upcoming figures. If I’m not wrong, all the variations of SHF Double are also slightly taller than usual.

Prepare for some CHOU HENSHIN.

Articulation range is pretty much the same as most other figures in the line.

It’s great that this guy doesn’t look stick-thin like most of his counterparts. The shoulder armour tends to get in the way of the shoulder joint but with some fumbling, it can be lifted.

He has the older variation of the hip joint which can move downwards. The ankle is not ball-jointed; it’s the swivel joint variation.

The Ultimate Darkness.

His waist joint is surprisingly flexible and can rotate 360 degrees.

Pyrokinetic skills.

Can’t remember what this pose is about but everyone does it.

Kuuga Punch~

Rider Punch~

Rider Kick~

This figure is awesome despite the series having the most form variations (though it’s going to be bested by Kamen Rider OOO and it’s 3^3 = 27 starter forms) and this one appearing in only the final episode. Though I’m broke, it’s still worth the extra cash. Extra cash because this is a new sculpt and new sculpts cost more than usual, like Another Agito for example. We’re lucky Bandai didn’t pull off the same stunt they did with their limited (bah) Rising Ultimate Form by selling separate figures with red or black eyes.



11 thoughts on “SHF Masked Rider Kuuga Ultimate Form”

    1. They’re quite old and I’ve heard that SICs barely get re-released. If I’m not wrong, both of them were re-released under SIC Classics long ago as well.

      It’s hard to find them on sale nowadays, even harder to find them going for cheap. I didn’t see any flea market stalls selling older SICs, but you could try your luck at some of the shops in Plaza Singapura or China Square Central. Quite a number of them sell SICs.

  1. I did thought of changing the older pictures to better ones…but realized it will be damn tedious doing that!!!

    Man that is a lot of hands! Wish they can be more generous when it comes to nendoroids haha…

    1. For Nendoroids some of the hands can be re-used between figures right? This particular figure is pretty well-off in the hands department; some other figures were less lucky and only had 1 extra useless pair.

  2. Nice purchase there.

    The Kuuga Ultimate being half a head taller might be a new trend, since SHF Gills turned out to be half a head taller than other Figuarts I have as well.

  3. this is a nice SHF, moreover it’s the ultimate kuuga!
    how come kuuga is so nice but black’s SHF has weird proportion T_T

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