The Cake is not a Lie?

“I think we can put our differences behind us, for science.

You monster.”

Being the broke but lazy piece of shit I am, I spent the past fortnight making myself a papercraft Weighted Companion Cube.

I didn’t spent all of two weeks on it; I was just enjoying being a lazy NEET piece of shit and watching shows here and there. Maybe if I stop being so lazy I might dig out an old kit and salvage it from my horrible past attempts at a paintjob.


8 thoughts on “The Cake is not a Lie?”

  1. Oh my laplace box!! Haha just kidding 😀

    Your box looks nice and sturdy. Is it for your GF? notice the love shapes haha

    1. I’m still far from getting a GF… It’s actually straight off Portal, you use the cube to help you solve puzzles. I happened to have enough paper and the template seemed deceptively simple (it’s just a cube) so I gave it a shot.

      Speaking of Laplace boxes, any spoilers to what it exactly is? I have until the final volume of the Gundam UC novels but read only half of them. Pretty ambitious story behind the box.

  2. woww,,nice work
    sometimes i want to make papercraft too but have no time this month
    too much works

    did you make it by yourself or download the pattern from web??

    1. Haha I’m broke so I didn’t buy any new Gunpla after I finished my last one. The pattern is from the web. There are simpler versions out there also.

    1. Nope, I haven’t been playing any games for a long time.

      It’s good to know that I haven’t established such a unique presence on the internet and still get to preserve a little bit of anonymity.

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