figma Rider

This was one of my two items that I got from Hobby Search. The other item was a figma of a moe blob anime character (no one cares about) with a drum set (everyone cares about). If I had the dough to spare I’d hunt down Rin and Saber. I only watched the anime which wasn’t spectacular. Never experienced any other media so I only know little about the franchise.

Compared to other figures in the line like those from K-on!, Rider comes with less extravagant accessories. I’m probably spoiled by the K-on! figures. She comes with an extra face, a pair of daggers and four extra pairs of hands. Two pairs are variations for holding the daggers (one pair with the thumb out parallel to the dagger and another with a gap between fingers and base of the palm). She also comes with a stand attachment which allows the standard-issue figma stand to attach sideways.

The first thing you’ll notice right after freeing Rider from all the protective sheeting would be how heavy her huge hair is. It makes the figure top-heavy and difficult to stand without using the stand.

Her hair is made from a combination of hard and soft PVC. On the back, the outermost layer is soft PVC, while the layer underneath consists of two halves of hard PVC which pivot backwards.

The front locks of hair are made from soft PVC.

Her blindfold is detachable by simply pulling it off her face.

This is the extra face.

The blindfold can be attached to both faces.

I believe Rider is one of the few figmas to have a double neck joint. A second joint is located at the base of the neck and is hidden by her collar. The combination of soft material and articulation for her hair allows her head to look up, a feature which even short-haired characters cannot achieve as far as I can tell from my small figma collection.

Looking down is no big deal. You can see from the photo that the soft hair layer warps and looks a little unnatural when bent towards the body.

Standard range of articulation for the arms. Rider also has a joint in her stomach. Despite having soft PVC for her tube dress, it still isn’t soft enough and doesn’t maintain any pose.

The lower portion of the dress is also made of soft PVC. It has been advertised that Rider has “improved” legs. This is essentially a layer over the existing ball joint cap on the thigh to restore the shape of the legs. In other words, she can display her ass, but I don’t think I should put up some huge direct view of her posterior.

The extra layer that I mentioned is the exposed thigh you see, so the rotating joint on the thigh is shifted lower. I’m not sure whether it’s just me, but one of her legs is slightly longer than the other. I think it’s from the ankle so I have to pull out a little bit of the ankle joint on one leg to keep things symmetrical.

Putting the daggers in her thumbs-out hands is a nerve-wracking affair as they are simply too tight. Also, the wrist joints are inconsistent and most of the extra hands are rather loose.

Contrary to what they claim, it still is quite difficult to put Rider into different poses because her hair is so big.

Even her top-down-bottom-up pose is difficult.

Not very bottom-up.

Something I noticed as I packed up – seems like a gaffe on their part.

Another extra – I have this picture from ages ago but I lacked a figma Emiya Shirou to do this. Heh.


5 thoughts on “figma Rider”

  1. Poor Ritsu. ^^; (a character no one cares about)
    Ugh….I completely missed out on this one. Would love to get a sexy Figma like this.

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