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Since the last relevant update I’ve managed to paint almost everything. I’ve been working slowly but I delayed posting any updates so this one would be quite a jump.

As of taking this photo last week I finished painting 3 colours. This time round I’ve embarked on a different colour scheme from the box and the main colour is white. I started with the dark gray bits, then the light gray waist and feet, followed by white.

One problem from painting the white was that I used a gray primer. I’ve already dolloped at least three coats of white but the underlying colour is still showing. For the parts that were molded in white, this isn’t a problem but the other parts refuse to be completely white. I have a feeling the newer paints may contain less pigments as my older bottle of white seemed to provide more coverage. I used up almost 2 bottles of white, then remembered I still have a used can of white from building my Tallgeese. In the end I used up almost 2 jars of white and a Tamiya spray can.

This was from a few days ago when I started masking the parts. Was really worried of paint bleeding since it will be a huge pain to fix any bleed on the white areas. The gray parts, however, would cause a minor problem after I painted them.

This was taken after spraying the first round of blue. Nearly ran out of my paint mix and almost panicked. I’ve been underestimating the amount of paint I require. The minor problem – the different base layers meant that the white parts had a subtle, more vibrant hue compared to the gray parts.

This just in – more masking and the second round of blue. Really praying for no paint bleed now. Again I thought I mixed enough but I nearly ran out and almost forgot to paint the smart gun.

If this clump of masking tape were blown up 100 times larger, it would be several metres huge.

Next I’ll have to touch up the dark gray areas.

Now one major problem cropped up. The external fuel tanks mounted on the backpack were made of black ABS plastic which was a pain to cement and sand. After I removed the masking tape I found cracks on some of the tanks. I don’t think it’s safe to simply paint white over them because the paint may eat into the plastic and aggravate the problem.

Just when I thought of celebrating from my near-perfect masking…

On an unrelated note, I got notice from Hobby Search that my preorders were in stock. Which was 2 days ahead of the scheduled release date. Then I realised I forgot to switch the shipping option to SAL and combine them (because for some reason one of them only had the EMS option, but SAL became available later on). Despite whatever sale discounts, it looks like I’ll have to pay through my ass for 2 toys which will be shipped separately, with one arriving much faster than the other. 😦

4 thoughts on “Back to the programme”

  1. Argh cracking! I hate it when that happens. The other time I experienced cracking wash doing a enamel wash….too much thinner probably at that time. Luckily it was just a small part hidden inside. So are you gonna leave that cracked part alone or recementing it?

    1. Not sure whether cementing will seal the crack completely. If it doesn’t I’m worried that it will crack more if I paint over it.

      I’ve encountered a lot of cracking from enamel washes too. Luckily it’s just hairline cracks that are barely visible.

    1. It turned out that Hobby Search was awesome enough to combine the two items themselves and ship them via SAL. Great service! I expected them to follow the book and not be that flexible.

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