Prepping for Paint

It’s been a week since I last mentioned that I was “priming the last of the pieces”, but I’ve been slacking around too much. :3c

I’m trying to remove the seams on the shield section of the beam smart gun but it’s been a huge pain. The halves force themselves apart as I try to cement them and my clips aren’t strong enough to keep them together, not to mention the shape of the parts makes the clips pop off after a few seconds. I’m using Tamiya Basic Putty to fill in the gaps but there are some impossible-to-reach areas and some spots that are still rough after a few tries.

The colour scheme I’m following is probably as simple as the default one so I have fewer excuses to delay painting. I got some decals from Samuel Decal but they’re the same colour as my main colour. Oh dear.

Hit the link for some pictures I took as I made slow progress on the kit.

Prior to dealing with the seam on the head I had to remove the pegs on the face. When everything is done I’ll have to put it back in and hold it in place with maybe some epoxy putty.

Don’t have access to some vulcan-shaped aftermarket parts (the ones I bought were cone-shaped :/) so I made do with drilling out the holes in the existing head vulcans.

Removed some material from the barrel of the waist-mounted beam cannons. Old kits lack the molded detail we now take for granted.

For the disc radome, I’ll be using some Wave H-eyes clear lenses. Unfortunately the smallest available size is 3mm so no clear parts for the tiny sensors.

I learnt from Gunpla Secret Factory that the underside of these lenses have sink marks so I followed their directions and got rid of them. I tried to capture the sink mark on the left piece, and the fixed one on the right. Looks like I still need to remove some fine scratches on the finished parts.

Here are some of the primed parts in trays.

Excuse me while I go off to slack again. Gotta love my vacation life – doing whatever I like without a care. Maybe tomorrow I’ll start painting some minor colours or start on the main colour.

On an unrelated note, I spotted some toys on sale that seem to be ahead of their scheduled Japanese release dates – Nendoroid Nakano Azusa and Figma Rider. I’ve only seen some photos on the official promotional blogs. Even the Japanese toy reviewers seem to have yet to lay their hands on them. Wonder how those shops managed to get a hold of them before their official release dates. Sorry if anyone expected me to buy them – I bet they’re crazy expensive and I’ve already preordered them for a somewhat cheaper price. Speaking of which, I finally have the complete K-On Figma and Nendoroid armies on preorder! Unfortunately with the exception of what I currently have, the rest are all re-releases so I’m heaps slower than everyone else. Luckily I held out and didn’t succumb to getting shafted by those scalpers.


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