Gets for the Week

Spent oodles of money on lots of things this week and decided against spamming this space with multiple “Get” entries.

I also planned on posting some updates on my Zeta Plus but I just encountered a little delay with my epoxy putty. I’ll post up some pictures when I get my lazy ass around to finish priming the last of the pieces.

Got myself an Overrated Razer Mousepad to go with my Overrated Razer Mouse that won’t track properly on my old cloth mousepad (almost freaked out thinking I’d have to get it replaced again ugh) and now it’s a breeze. I’m not a gamer but man I totally feel like one. Also got my first two Nendoroid Petits from ebay as well as Mysterious Figma #2 from the folks who love to recycle cardboard boxes. The rest are all supplies – 2 cans of Mr. Super Clear Flat, 4 bottles of paint, 10 more spare bottles (fell for the shopkeeper’s marketing tactics), some tiny metal parts (I’ll see what I can do with them), and a Ridiculously Overpriced Piece of Sheet Styrene with Stripes. Oh, not pictured is one tiny 0.7mm drill bit to replace the one I clumsily broke.

Every time I look at Yowane Haku and her hypnotic red eyes I have to keep my head from exploding.


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