Gets for Today

As another celebration of the commencement of vacation, I finally found this elusive baby at a great price. It came with a long story too.

Originally I went out in the morning to get my new mouse replaced (lucky me to end up with a defective first purchase), then I went to the usual shops to look for it. I was about to give up and either buy an MG Sinanju or get shafted by the department stores by purchasing from them but I was also surprised that all they had were new items and the only old ones they kept were the biggest kits. If anybody wants a huge stockpile of Unicorn kits, now’s the good time to go to those department stores since they’re commencing their sale and you can get most stuff at 20% off.

In the end I found it where I least expected.

Too bad I can’t find any 1/100 Ex-S boosters around – I’d very much love to turn this baby into a Hummingbird. Since my scratch-building skills aren’t up to scratch (har har har), I guess I’ll just make the best out of what I can.

7 thoughts on “Gets for Today”

    1. Got it from China Square Central at $48 SGD. BHG has started it’s 20% off storewide sale (except for stuff like Iron Man 2 toys) and they have a lot of Unicorn kits so you might get a good price and some freebies that the hobby shops don’t get. I believe OG will follow suit soon after.

    1. This is the MG Zeta plus C1 from 2001. It’s from the Gundam Sentinel storyline set in UC 0088. Kit-wise it came out after the flop that was the MG Zeta Gundam and had quite a few improvements, some of which were carried over to the MG Zeta Gundam Ver.2.0.

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