Candy toy/gachapon Gaiamemory LED mod

What better way to celebrate the end of exams with yet another how-to? This one is a quick one I did while I was slacking off before my exams.

You’ll need a non-DX version of a Gaiamemory because those don’t come with LEDs. You also need some wires and of course, an LED. Usually a cheap one should do the trick as most of these LEDs light up with 3 volts applied, which is the same as your Gaiamemory. (Disclaimer: Actual Gaiamemories may not necessarily be powered by 3V batteries)

Rip your toy open and you’ll end up with the case, a button and the electronics. The LED will be using the same power source as the sounds so you need not worry about more switches, batteries and other complicated electronics know-how.

You’ll have to do some damage to your toy – if you paid an arm or a leg for this and don’t think you can pull it off, maybe you should reconsider. Here I removed material at the “USB port” so my LED fits inside there just like the DX version.

Here come the electronics. Simply solder your LED to the speaker terminals on the circuit board.

For those who don’t possess any electronics knowledge, you’ll have to note that the terminal with the red wire is the positive terminal while the other is negative. Red = positive is a widely-used convention. Also, LEDs are diodes which mean they work only with the correct polarity. You can check by using a 3V power source – if it lights up, remember which lead goes to the positive side of the battery. By convention, the shorter lead on the LED is the negative terminal, or the side with the flat edge on the base of the LED. I didn’t bother with resistors and other complicated kung fu because the power source doesn’t dish out a lot of current. (and partly because I don’t remember much of my Physics stuff now)

After a long time and my crap soldering skills, simply put everything back together. Bend the LED leads so they don’t block the button.

And there you have it – an LED that lights up along with the sound effects when you press the button, just like the DX version.

“AKKUSERU!!!” “Hen……………………..shin!”


14 thoughts on “Candy toy/gachapon Gaiamemory LED mod”

    1. It isn’t very bright on mine either. It’s because the current supplied to the speaker is now shared between the speaker and the LED and it’s a frequently oscillating current, making the overall current to the LED much less than directly wiring it to a battery.

      1. evolution, have you ever swapped the speak on the candy toy gaia memory with a capsule toy one? if so, were there any changes? did the capsule toy speaker on the candy toy gaia memory produce a louder sound or is it the same due to the sound board?

          1. so even if you were to swap the better speaker from a capsule toy version with the inferior candy toy speaker, it will still sound the same? lame.

            btw, do you know where i can find information on modding a gaia memory to have a usb in it?

            1. I’m not sure whether the capsule toy speaker is better, but what I can tell is the electronics are very similar.

              I can’t help you on the USB mod though. You could try it yourself with some patience 🙂

              1. i can tell you that the capsule toy speakers are louder than the candy ones. don’t they say that candy toy memories are more rare than capsule toy? you should try out the speaker mod if/when you can.

                i would myself but i would need to get a capsule toy memory and solder kit

    1. Hi there, if you are talking about reprogramming the electronics, judging from the small number of components on the board I don’t think it’s possible. You can still swap out the electronics though, so if you have some mad electronics skills it’s possible to replace the existing board with one from a different toy or even a sound recording kit.

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