SHF Masked Rider Ixa

Masked Rider Ixa is the secondary Rider in 2008’s Masked Rider Kiva. He’s It’s mainly assumed by two characters, though many other characters get to use the suit’s powers too. I guess the reason why this figure sold out so quickly was because the two main users were probably the most likeable/badass characters in the show, far better than the protagonist himself.

I was really surprised to find this being sold and snapped it right away. I also canceled my preorder for the re-release in July since I was going to pay the same price to get this figure without the first batch exclusive stand.

He’s packed with accessories, way more than certain other figures in this line *ahem* Agito *ahem*

They’re laid out here. The two bags are the parts for the randomly packed stand which features one of four different quotes from either Nago Keisuke or Kurenai Otoya. (Thanks, daoutlaw!) Can’t remember if there are quotes from other users included. The Ixa Calibur comes in both Gun and Calibur modes, the Ixa Knuckle comes as a separate piece for wielding and has an extra belt part without the Knuckle. An extra Save Mode head, Fuestle racks and two pairs of extra hands (open palms and holding grips) are also included.

Looks like I was really lucky to end up with Nago Keisuke’s signature line.

Starting off with Ixa Save Mode, most commonly assumed by 1986 Ixa.

For the uninitiated, Masked Rider Ixa is an Anti-Fangire Powered Suit (Ixa standing for “Intercept X Attacker”) developed in 1986 by the Wonderful Blue Sky/Subarashii Aozora Organization and has been continuously upgraded over 22 years until the present timeline (2008), which is named Ver.XI. In 1986, main protagonist Kurenai Otoya, a wandering casanova with a violin, is the primary user of the suit, though not the first, while Nago Keisuke, an almost crazed bounty hunter uses it in 2008 before succumbing to the Faiz Syndrome and having a bunch of other characters use it.

Incredible molded and painted detail all over the figure.

Sadly mine has a slightly off-centre tampo print on the chest. On the other hand, check out more incredible painted detail on the torso and belt.

Detail painting and molding on the legs.

Otoya takes us on a quick look at Ixa’s articulation.

Because of the swappable head, the neck joint is placed on top which makes the neck static. Articulation is hindered anyway by the back of the helmet. The waist can rotate 360 degrees.

The large shoulder armour lifts up as with most figures in the line so it doesn’t get in the way of the arms. The elbow bends at a slightly smaller angle because of the bulk of the arms.

There is a little overhang below the belt which gets in the way of the hip joint, reducing front articulation by a lot.

The numerals 193 (a Japanese word play on Ixa) are molded on the diecast feet. Very impressive.


“Ixa Knuckle Rise Up”

Cool/badass Otoya impresses the ladies by defeating some Fangires using the Broken Fang finisher.

Incredible painted detail on the Ixa Knuckle.

I realised I forgot to attach the Fuestle racks on the belt. Fuestles are whistle-shaped pieces that have various functions such as summoning weapons or finishers. Now that Nago from 2008 has taken over, I’ve attached them. Anyway, the horribly inconsistent storyline doesn’t really help in determining whether 1986 Ixa should have the Fuestle racks attached.

In 2008, the suit is upgraded and comes with Burst Mode which fires off a heat wave when activated.


“Please return that life to God.”

Some noob Photoshop to spice things up.

Incredible molded and painted detail (for the hundredth time…) on the Fuestle racks. You can make out the individual Garuru, Basshaa and Dogga Fake Fuestles.

On the other side are the Knuckle and Calibur Fuestles for the finisher moves and Powered Fuestle for summoning Powerd Ixer. Again the inconsistent storyline and improper budget allocation means Powerd Ixer only appeared a couple of times in the show.

Nago uses the Ixa Calibur in Gun Mode to dish some ranged damage.

The weapon comes in two separate modes, each a static chunk of plastic.

Getting ready for Ixa Judgment. Sorry I couldn’t spend more time Photoshopping the sun behind him.

The Ixa Knuckle is much larger detached. I guess it’s so that it fits the hand.

Sorry, no Ixacise pictures. Took me long enough to upload so many pictures with my horribly slow upload speed. This is an incredible must-get figure. Detail is incredible and he comes with all his accessories. Now why the hell is Rising Ixa an exclusive…


13 thoughts on “SHF Masked Rider Ixa”

  1. Haha you are right about Ixa being more badass than Kiva 😀 I feel more for Otoya and Nago. This is one well written and detailed review man, impressive!

  2. Lucky, you got the ‘Return that life to god’ stand. I got ‘I can’t hear you’ one. The four stands contain Nago’s quotes only, since Otoya wasn’t exactly keen on stern catchphrases.

    Few limitations aside, I agree with you that IXA is a must-get figure that’s impressive as hell. I did try to pose IXA in Otoya’s dance sequence in Episode 14, but because of hip articulation it sorta failed.

    1. Thanks for the clarification! It seems like all Figuarts bodies can’t cross their legs as I also tried it with Momotaros which uses the older hip joint. Still, there’s no doubt that Ixa is really one of the best figures in the line yet.

  3. seconded I feel the same IXA more badass than kiva and I bleh with kiva emperor form 😛
    nice figures 😀 i like proto ixa more ^^ by the way I might try get the SIC IXA nad dark KIva ^_^ hahaha

      1. I just want try having a SIC hahaha that’s the best choice ^_^ if not. I will go with SHF reissue (or not getting at all lol) accel and fang joker also sounds promising

  4. I mean I want the dark kiva also and display them like otoya VS king ^^ if they make SIC or SHF Garulu that will be awesome can recreate scene from episode 41 ^_^

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