Figma Ryomou Shimei

I got this figure from a sale. I never watched the show before, but the low price made me buy her on impulse when I couldn’t buy the other toys I wanted back in March because they were sold out everywhere.

Figma Ryomou doesn’t come jam-packed with accessories.

Apart from the typical Figma contents laid out in front, she comes with a pair of handcuffs made from really soft PVC, two extra faces and a separately-packed pair of hands that look like they’re groping.

I have a little difficulty stopping her from standing pigeon-toed.

The expressionless face makes her look a little dumb. Also that’s as far as she can look up.

Arm poseability is not hindered by the apron as the apron is made from soft PVC.

She has a waist joint and some empty space under her apron which allows for some twisting but it’s mostly hindered by the limits of the apron. In other words, for the really desperate, you can squeeze her chest a little.

That’s as far as she can go splaying her legs while standing.

Playing around with the hip joint allows her to bend her legs in a wider angle.

Her two other expressions. I think the least dumb-looking one is this one.

That’s as far as she can bring her arms together. The apron can squeeze a little but it pushes her arms apart. The handcuffs can stretch but I don’t dare to go too far.

The hip joint can bend so far back.

The hole in her back isn’t deep enough and can’t fit the Figma stand too well.

It’s a decent poseable figure, even better for me as I got her for pretty cheap, but the facial expressions could be improved. It would have been awesome if her expressionless face were replaced with a little smirk.

8 thoughts on “Figma Ryomou Shimei”

    1. It was unusual for me because my other Figmas (I only have a few) didn’t have this issue. Now I should be more careful when handling the stand, don’t want more figures to go launching across the table.

  1. LOL, it’s like trinity’s kick ^^

    ryoumo’s moves are cool actually, most of them are locking the opponent and break the joints. But now I think ikkitousen are all about fanservice I drop it after the 1st season.

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