Sound GaiaMemory Vol.2 Accel Memory

As a brief return from my hiatus, I bring a review of Bandai’s Sound GaiaMemory Vol.2 Accel Memory.

I didn’t expect this candy toy (shokugan) to be sold, and there were only a few left. Entire sets were available.

There are 6 other GaiaMemories in this series.

For just 350 yen you get one GaiaMemory and one candy. I forked out a way heftier price than 350 yen.

It has one button near the “USB port”.


The one measly candy that came with the toy.

Pressing the button cycles from the list of sound effects below.

  1. GaiaMemory name (“Accel”)
  2. Ignition sound
  3. Throttle sound
  4. Henshin sound
  5. “Accel Maximum Drive”
  6. Finishing move sound effect

Unlike the superior GaiaMemories that come with the DX toys, this one does not have light effects near the “USB port”. It still has the same shape so you can insert it in a DX toy.

This Youtube video shows you how it’s used.

5 thoughts on “Sound GaiaMemory Vol.2 Accel Memory”

      1. No I don’t. The belts and other DX toys were on sale but I can’t afford them.

        I also don’t want to start another collection LOL. I already have a Kabuto Zecter sitting around that I got from a sale. Maybe in the distant future when these belts go on sale then I’ll think about buying them. 😀

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