Gets for Today

Many apologies for the long hiatus as my exams are coming again. I also had difficulty obtaining stuff I wanted, so that compounded the long absence.

However, I was met with a pleasant surprise today as I went out to look for a certain figure which I stupidly canceled my pre-order.

Instead I finally laid my hands on the elusive Masked Rider Ixa. Time to cancel my preorder for the re-release! 😀

I also bought the Accel GaiaMemory for fun. Since I can’t afford the DX toys, this will suffice.

Figma Ryomou Shimei was an impulse buy from Otacute when they had a sale for her and I’ve been sitting on it since receiving it from the post(wo)man. Time to review all of them!

So before I’m off to take some photos, here’s a notice that I’ll be going on hiatus until after the first week of May. During the summer vacation, expect to see a few more figure reviews! In the meantime, wish me luck as I try not to flunk my second semester too badly! 🙂


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