MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam Ver.ka

This was my first Ver.ka kit. I got it back in January 2008 right after it was released. I built it before the Gundam Decals for it were released so I made do with the stickers. There was a major disaster as it was the first time I encountered a case of Mr. Color paint destroying the ABS plastic. I took quite a few photos of it last year but almost all of them turned out blur and I didn’t notice them until I uploaded them into my computer. I took a few shots along with my Gundam Mk.II so this will be a mix of new and older photos.

The secondary grip is movable. There is a peg on the other side for mounting on the forearm hard points. There is also a peg near the back (extended in this photo) for mounting on the backpack. The energy packs can be mounted on the back skirt.

The bazooka body is extendable. It has the same peg as the beam magnum for mounting on the backpack. The bazooka clip can be mounted on the back skirt too.

The shield arm has multiple joints.

The pilot figure is painted but can barely be seen.

The beam magnum can be mounted on the forearm. The energy packs are mounted on the back skirt.

The pegs on the weapons and shield are different but they fit on all the hard points. Here the shield is mounted on the backpack.

Time for some NT-D.

I’ll save you from the embarrassing action shots. Its articulation is so poor all it can do is just look good standing. Unfortunately, its ankle joints are so weak it has difficulty standing firmly either.

I wouldn’t mind getting a second one (if I had the money, that is) to do a proper build/paint and give it some justice it deserves.

9 thoughts on “MG 1/100 Unicorn Gundam Ver.ka”

  1. woah.. tt’s a nice unicorn.. kudos to you for all the sticker pasting.. lolx. you’re oso a victim of katoki sensei.. lolx. did you paint everything? i was looking for a reference on how my unicorn would look like without painting the inner bling stuffs.. and your post came along! =DD looks great! looking forward to more of your post. =D

    1. Thanks! I only painted the V-fin yellow and gray. I did the panel lines on the weapons. I started on the hands and backpack but all the ABS parts crumbled into pieces! So I stopped and didn’t panel line the rest of the kit.

  2. awesome man I only attach 4 decals and sticker for the shield only ver ka really decals hell >.<

  3. i plan to collect a ver ka MG keep the deecals . go to japan and force katoki to eat them those decals damnit
    MG V gundam ver ka 329 decals WTF?

    1. Hahah the reason why I love Katoki designs is because of the decals spam! 😀

      I wanted to get the V Gundam for the decals! 329 decals = win LOL

  4. wow you did a really amazing job with the sticker hell lol im impressed!
    the poor articulations sucks but lucky he still looks cool just standing upright like that. i cant believe mr. color destroyed the abs plastic! XD

    1. Yea I was totally shocked because it never happened on my previous kits. Luckily I managed to salvage the parts and only lost articulation in the fingers.

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