MG 1/100 Gundam Mk.II Ver.2.0

I took a few photos of another old kit that I have but they were too horrible to be worth posting. I got a lamp from Ikea last week so I thought I’d try it out and re-took pictures of my old Gundam Mk.II Ver.2.0. I used my trusty point-and-shoot set to ISO 200, -2.0 EV and a 2 second timer for these pictures. The lamp shone from the top right, in front of the background. I think a white board on the left isn’t enough; I should use a second light source to the left to get rid of the harsh shadows.

This is one of my first attempts at top coating and you can see how horrible it is. I realise I try out new techniques on new kits and not old ones. At least this guy was on offer when I bought it.

Never knew how to take care of frosting and either wiped it off with thinner or left it alone as I was afraid of destroying the dry transfers. I never used the stickers except for the sensors on the vulcan pod and the bazooka.

Collapsible shield. The shield connects very loosely to latch that is attached on the arm so it has been broken countless times and you can see the glue marks on the bottom.

I painted the clear parts with clear colours but only the head sensors looks decent – the eyes cannot be seen at all. The chest sensors were done using leftover foil stickers painted clear green. Unfortunately back then I didn’t do any masking so they look frosted.

For some mysterious reason I did cover up the hydraulic pistons though.

Well this goes to show how horrible I was at painting. This guy would have looked better if I didn’t paint it at all.


11 thoughts on “MG 1/100 Gundam Mk.II Ver.2.0”

  1. Maybe you can do some dry brushing instead 😀 It kinda looks weather from here to me due to the frost!

      1. Thanks for the suggestion, if I can find the time maybe I can give it another round of top coat first and see if the frosting can be removed. If not, then it would be better off weathered.

    1. I didn’t do any weathering on it. It’s just poorly top coated with frost everywhere, and marks left over from sanding (I don’t have Tamiya Compound)

      Since it’s already top coated, it’s totally ready for weathering with silver paint (drybrushing), Tamiya Weathering Master or enamel wash. I’m not doing it anytime soon though.

  2. in the first few pics i thought it was natural weathering from dust and old age lol i havent attempted top coating myself yet. hmmm using frost as a technique for weathering would be interesting. this kit is an old one but still awesome design.

    i had this kit long ago, i think this was my last kit before my hiatus from gunpla many years ago, was also my first MG ^^

    1. Yes. The white patches all over the kit are due to frosting. Either I sprayed on too thick a layer of top coat at once, or the weather was too cool and humid which makes even light coats frost.

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