After School Tea Time Zwei

Decided to give a call to the shop asking if my preorder arrived, and I was glad I called because the shop was going to forfeit the orders. I got to hear first-hand about the “licensing issues” that gave toy shops problems importing these toys and why they were so impatient to forfeit the preorders.

On the other hand a walk around revealed that I had totally no chance of obtaining SHF Masked Rider Ixa without having preordered beforehand. Looks like no toy reviews for some time.

8 thoughts on “After School Tea Time Zwei”

  1. Fwah nice 😀 How much did you pay for her in the end?

    Hope this licensing issue doesn’t spill to other lines….will be terrible on the wallet!!

    1. $55 thanks to pre-order price. The shopkeeper said they could not bring in stuff from new shows that are going to air on TV so it may have affected other series besides K-On!.

  2. ah, you got ritsu.
    nice drums set! My friend told me he wanted to buy for the drums only, then give them to his revo camus ^^

    1. I don’t think I’ll be opening them up soon. I don’t collect SICs so don’t make me start LOL

      I think I’ll just wait until a restock and get Ixa without his stand.

  3. Ritsu! nice get, i think she is becoming my secret fav lol the whole licensing issue sounds like a huge pain…
    i was tempted to get SHF Ixa also but i think ill do a Gundam Rider mod of him XD

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