Cagayake! Girls

I just received a package from a certain online retailer known for its characteristic packaging. Took just 9 days to arrive via SAL after the shipping notice.

Looks like I bought a sheet of Japanese newspaper.

It’s not Asahi News though. Some other newspaper whose name I can’t decipher with my baby-level Japanese.

Got a bunch of other stuff too. Thank you, Nakamura-san!

Strangely there was another mysterious box wrapped in thin wrapping paper.

14 thoughts on “Cagayake! Girls”

  1. nice loots of japanese newspaper, figure pamphlets and a card!! …oh looks like you got a tiny little freebie aswell 😛

    Mio fgma ^_^ shimapantastc! and i have to say 9 days for SAL shipping is sweet, SAL seems to be getting faster and faster.

  2. wait you said earlier complete set of nendo ???? now you collect complete set of Figma too @_@ awesome man I will broke this year if getting all

    1. Well I most likely have to get a job during my vacation. I can’t get my hands on the complete set though, still missing Nendo Mio and Figma Yui. ^^;;;

    1. Well I preordered her from a local shop but I heard some rumours about licensing issues preventing K-On stuff from reaching our shores. It’s my first time preordering from that shop and I haven’t received any news yet. I’m not even sure how their system works. They put up a listing for her on their website which I learned not to trust.

      I hope things work out in the end and I get her. 😛

  3. Don’t worry man if local store and damnit licensor can’t provide us K-ON! there must be reissue for them. so we still can get them and you can do online store right ! GSC will do anything right for money. soon mio nendo(re-released 3rd time)

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