Old Junk

Before the Lunar New Year, there was a customary house-cleaning and I decided to throw away a really old kit that I “built” when I was much younger. It’s an Italeri 1/48 F-22 Raptor which I got from a souvenir booth during a local air show event around almost 10 years ago, and it was one of my first tries at painting.

By painting I meant only painting the camouflage pattern on the body. Back then I only had one jar of Tamiya Neutral Gray. No thinner, no primer, no top coat.

The only thing I did was to splash cement (which I got with the kit), paint the camo pattern using art & craft paintbrushes and apply all the waterslide decals. I did manage to apply all the decals without ruining any of them as a kid. I think Italeri decals might be pretty thick. Or maybe I have some passive skill that raises my decal-applying level.

Before throwing it into the trash I took some last photos as a sort of memento of my horrendous atrocities.

Over the years, the plastic has yellowed and bits and pieces have fallen off. Oh, and hideous seam line running across the middle. At 1/48 scale, it takes up a huge amount of space I had to leave it in the open.

I liked the design of the F-22. Unfortunately I’ve never gone down the aircraft/auto route so this was my only aircraft model. On the bright side it also means that there is one less person out there ruining beautiful aircraft/automotive kits.

Dust has settled on it over the years. Areas where the cement has been in contact with the plastic are yellower than usual. I still wonder how I managed to slap on the huge Spirit of America decal without ruining or tearing it. Seems like Paul Metz is the chief test pilot of the F-22.

Same goes for the irregularly-shaped Raptor decal.

The horror of a totally unpainted undercarriage.

Maybe I could start a series of posts on the old toys I have lying around for nostalgia value. But I need to find time first…


4 thoughts on “Old Junk”

  1. Nah if its got to go its got to go ^^ Move on to better things! At least you took photos of it before you threw it away! Too bad I threw mine back then without taking any pictures!! Would love the see the rest of your old stuff 😀

    Its painful throwing away your old toys but at least you are the one doing it and not someone else ^^

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