Life with Braces 5: I can whistle again

I’ve not been writing about these things because the past few appointments have merely been a case of changing the arch wires to different ones every time.

Yesterday though, I finally had the bridge thing under the roof of my mouth removed. That thing has been inconveniencing me in several ways, especially cutting into my tongue. The imprint was pretty deep on one side of my tongue and the surrounding area got white and sore. No idea why the sore area was white. Besides that, it affected my speech a little and reduced my eating speed. I couldn’t stuff myself with food because it would bump into the thing, or get wedged between it and the roof of my mouth so I had to eat small portions at a time. I am already a slow eater so that thing made me eat even slower. Oh, and it was also nearly impossible for me to whistle (LOL)

On the other hand, the dentist put in a spring-like thing on the right side of my upper jaw. I’m having a constant, slight pain there right now.

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