MG 1/100 MS-06J Zaku II Ver.2.0 (2)

This time round, I altered the orientation of my background and the LED light strips. I dare say the result is a little better than when I was photographing the inner frame. I think I’ll put up a picture of my “light box” just for kicks.

Zaku II with its default armament, the Zaku Machine Gun.

When I was applying the star decals on the shield, I was surprised to find that each star was a single decal and spent quite a bit of time aligning them in a straight line keeping them equally spaced.

Zaku II with its full armament, ready to kick some Feddie butt.

Here are the extra weapons and parts. Zaku Bazooka, Heat Hawk and Missile Pods. The clips are for mounting the Heat Hawk on the waist and an Action Base attachment. The head is switchable to the commander-type with two antenna variations. I kept the Heat Hawk gray because a purple axe certainly does not look badass. (I admit that it was also partly because I didn’t want to mix another colour just for one part like the backpack.)

The Zaku Machine Gun magazine.

Default Zaku head.

Commander type Zaku with anime-styled antenna.

Commander type Zaku with real-type antenna.

The backpack is supposed to be bluish but I didn’t get the colour too blue, so it looks almost the same as the gray-coloured parts.

Dirty foot.

Dirty foot and mishandled missile pod.

Looks like some brush bristles got stuck on the shoulder shield spikes.

Close-up monoeye for Zeon lovers.

Body view. I just noticed the light strips left multiple shadows on the left waist.

Looks like the shoulder spike shield isn’t busted up enough.

A scraped knee.

Dirty foot.

Scraped elbow too.

Skirt armour.

It’s past 2am now. I think I’ll leave the action shots for the next day.

A little bonus picture – this is the underside of my desk. The fourth light strip is above, shining downwards. The red cushion-like thing is tied to the post to minimise injury every time my clumsy self slams my knees into the post.


7 thoughts on “MG 1/100 MS-06J Zaku II Ver.2.0 (2)”

  1. Woah awesome work mate!! Can’t wait for the action shots 😀

    Interesting setup for the photography booth. By the way for the water decals did you use the marker setter or something to get rid of the edges. I love how your decalling turned out!

    1. Thanks! Yes I use a combination of Mr. Mark Setter and Mr. Mark Softer. I first used it on the Subaru Impreza, and have always used it on every waterslide decal since. Apply Mark Setter on the surface, apply the decal, then apply Mark Softer. I believe that having a proper gloss surface to apply the decals is more important though.

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