MG 1/100 MS-06J Zaku II Ver.2.0 (1) – Inner Frame

Finally finished dirtying the kit and adding the rivets in the evening, set up my Ikea Dioder “light box” underneath my desk and busted out my trusty but pretty lousy point-and-shoot camera when I looked at the empty battery indicator. Thankfully I already took photos of the inner frame yesterday, so I went to write this post as the battery charged. Looks like I’ll have to wait a few hours before resuming.

This review will be done in three parts – the inner frame, complete kit and action shots.

Inner frame.

The power plant is located in the waist.

Zaku II power unit.

Pilot figures in 1/100 scale.

J-series backpack.

Hydraulic pistons are located in the feet,

as well as underneath the thighs.

They are found as static molded detail in the arms.

Fingers have an extra joint in them. The last 3 fingers were also split to move individually compared to the stock ones.

More piston detail in the shoulder joints.

Waist. The hydraulic pistons are also static.

Pilot inside the cockpit, configured as right-hand drive. The cockpit can be shifted to left-hand drive for American roads. If shifted in the nick of time, it may save the pilot from a stab in the cockpit.

Red (okay pink) markings on the double joints on the arms and legs.

The next series of photographs will feature the complete Zaku. I find the closest range of my camera in macro mode to be inconsistent, as I could snap the power unit and pilot figures at maximum zoom so close while maintaining focus. On other occasions when taking pictures of other bits, I have to move pretty far away to stay in focus.

3 thoughts on “MG 1/100 MS-06J Zaku II Ver.2.0 (1) – Inner Frame”

  1. Fwah nice work on the inner frames man!! That is some nice painting of the internal details and dry brushing!

    Hmm I do get problems like that when taking photos at night even with my lights on. In day light I can go up very close. but recently on my point and shoot I can the metering to spot metering and the AF or autofocus to center. Only then can I really take close ups. Hope it helps!

    1. Thanks!

      I also set my camera to autofocus centre, ISO 100. You’re right, it generally can do close-ups very well during daytime, but sometimes I manage to pull if off at night. Haha well retaking photos or cropping in Photoshop can help overcome the limitations.

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