Closing in to the Final Stretch

On Sunday this package arrived in the mail. I squealed like a little girl and quickly went on to plaster the Zaku with decals.

An A4-sized cardboard packet to hold this small sheet.

After roughly 8 hours spread over 2 days and 126 decals, I sprayed Mr. Super Clear Flat and battled severe frosting due to the damp weather. Luckily things could be recovered with more layers proven by Chubbybots with his HGUC GP02A. On some parts, I actually had to re-spray 3 times to finally avoid any frosting. Maybe I should go dig up my old kits and spray them again to get rid of the frost.

The final stretch would be to dirty the kit. I took some photos of the inner frame last night but my lousy lamp crumbled when I started to use it. It was made of really crappy plastic. In the end I set up the paper background underneath my desk and used these:

This was a Christmas present from my mum. I never really got around to permanently using it somewhere and used blu-tack to stick these under my desk to provide some light. I also realised how bad the macro mode on my point-and-shoot camera was. Looks like I’ll need to do some major cropping.

If all goes well, you might see a few more posts within the same day. 😀

3 thoughts on “Closing in to the Final Stretch”

  1. Thanks for the link back ^^. These few days the weather has been terrible!! I don’t even dare to top coat haha.

    What are those dioders, never seen them before?

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