NGT Factory Japan Rolls Out Zaku II & Heavyarms

Pro modeler mitsu from NGT Factory Japan has recently rolled out two new entries in its arsenal – MG MS-06J Zaku II Ver.2.0 and 1/144 Gundam Heavyarms.

I’m still miles behind him.

It’s a remodeled HGUC RX-79 Gundam Ground Type.


6 thoughts on “NGT Factory Japan Rolls Out Zaku II & Heavyarms”

  1. I am praying the reissue all those old series like Gundam Wing, G Gundam in the new HG format!!! Would be even more awesome given the tech we have now!!! argh…heavy arms!!!

    Well at least I have NGT’s heavy arms to ogle over haha!

  2. new reissues of them would be nice. I’m supporting HGs since the chances of every suit making it is higher than MG. Plus it’s easier on the wallet lol.

    Wing has some nice grunt suits in particular. Leo, Aries, Taurus and the black Virgo..yum.

  3. I wonder how willing are the Bandai folks to create a new HG line for all the non-UC suits. Maybe like a High Grade Alternate Universe (HGAU) to encompass all the series probably up until or before Turn A Gundam. Sounds like a nice idea but there needs to be enough fans first. 🙂

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