A small update

Exam results came today.

For the inner frame of the Zaku, simply spraying top coat on it would dull the metallic-coloured parts so some masking was needed.

While others talk of fine dining, I was stuck at home doing fine masking.

It isn’t incredibly difficult to do though. You need to cut your masking tape into small pieces so that you can conform to the shapes you are trying to mask.

The feet are comparably easier to mask.

So most of the inner frame is complete but I can’t put the top and bottom halves together because I’m stuck waiting for HLJ to ship a sheet of Gundam decals to me. That means I can’t show off the inner frame yet.

On the left is the dry transfer that came with the kit while the right one is the sticker equivalent. I wouldn’t have any issue using the superior dry transfer on the power plant, but I painted it white. That makes the radioactive symbol yellow and white instead of yellow and black.

HLJ has established a reputation on certain forums for being very good at declaring time off, Golden Weeks and taking a long time to ship orders because your orders seemingly always coincide with their non-working days. I would have gone for another online shop like Hobby Search, but EMS shipping is a pain so I had to stick to HLJ.

I started on the armour pieces but was distracted by a certain Love Plus after its mention by Ren. I got it when it was released but never got around to playing it until now. Progress on my Zaku has significantly slowed down since then :/

I tried out a different way of getting rid of the sink marks in the plastic by slathering putty over them to mark them out. After some work sanding them down, it’s time to drill holes for mounting the rivets, then some primer before embarking on painting.

But before that, let me spend some time with my virtual “girlfriend” 😛 so ronery…


3 thoughts on “A small update”

  1. lolx!! thanks for the backlink.. glad you’re playing love plus.. tako will be so proud. XD and you’re doing so well on the paint job!! cool.. some techniques that i could learn when i’m painting.. keep it up! =D

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