Priming the Zaku II’s internal frame and weapons took two days. There are tons of tiny parts and a lot of Mr. Surfacer was wasted spraying onto nothing. It’s a strain on my thin wallet.

I went on to mix the first colour on Saturday. Used up quite a bit of Neutral Gray and Black to achieve the 85% Neutral Gray + 15% Black colour. I filled up a glass bottle almost to its brim and was a little worried that the paint wasn’t sufficiently thinned. It turned out okay, but disaster struck. I didn’t screw on the bottle properly and paint started dripping all over the place without me noticing. I found out when I saw splatters of gray paint on my window ledge, then noticed that my table, cutting mat, floor and floor mat were all stained.

The stains on the window ledge were taken care of with lots of thinner, but it still isn’t completely clean because the ledge isn’t covered in gloss top coat heh. It was impossible to remove the stain from my floor mat. I guess it will stay there its entire lifetime. I’m wearing a shirt that was splattered in clear blue paint from many years ago and the spots are still there. The markings on my cutting mat were faded after I wiped it with thinner. Of course, my gray hands were even dirtier after the ordeal.

On the bright side I managed to get the parts painted in one session. Phew! I think I spent 6 hours doing it.

This is a pic I took when I finished painting the first colour. Pieces were sorted out into paper trays.

This was taken yesterday when I was in the midst of painting some of the pieces and ran out of gloss so I had to halt my progress until I bought supplies.

Today I spent the equivalent of almost two Nendoroids on the following stuff:

  1. Tamiya Fine Surface Primer (instead of Mr. Surfacer, I got this because the shop owner advised that it was safer to use this on metal pieces)
  2. Mr. Color Clear in a bottle (cheaper than buying cans of Mr. Super Clear gloss)
  3. Pin vise and set of 14 drill bits (to replace my only pair of 2mm and 3mm Daiso tools)
  4. Brass micro rivets (pack of 50) (decided to buy these and paint them silver since none of the shops have silver ones)
  5. Aftermarket thrusters (pack of 4)
  6. Tamiya Weathering Master Set A
  7. Mr. Super Clear UV Cut x 2

then realised several minutes ago that instead of 2 cans of flat, one of them was gloss. Sigh…The reason why I compared this purchase to Nendoroids was because I saw Nendoroid Akiyama Mio on sale and held back.


9 thoughts on “Broke”

  1. Wow thats quite a big loot of tools dude…as for the top coats I do buy extra gloss by mistake….serves me right for getting too excited at the hobby shop!!

    Luckily nothing happen to your zaku…man 6 hrs of straight painting!!

    1. Haha at least it’s not Semi Gloss… I bought my first can of Semi Gloss a few years ago and it’s still around. Only use it to dilute my clear colours, other than that it’s totally useless.

      When the weather is hot and dry, it’s the best time to paint.

  2. Hey, I’m a new reader of your blog, and I live in Singapore too.
    I’m really interested in Kamen Rider toys and yet, I’ve not gotten a single one.
    I’m using this Christmas to get myself a couple of SHFiguarts. So I’m just wondering where do you usually go to get them? Any places and specific shops to recommend?

    1. Welcome! SH Figuarts is a wise choice 🙂

      I buy practically all my Kamen Rider toys from China Square Central. Quite a few shops there may have what you want at varying prices.

      I’d recommend Ng’s Collection at the second storey corner for it’s one-stop selection of tokusatsu (Kamen Rider, Super Sentai etc.) toys at possibly the best prices yet. However you might want to know that some popular characters may be out of stock there. If you go on Sundays when the bazaar/flea market is on, you just might find one of the stalls selling what you want, you just need to be wary of the different prices so you won’t get ripped off. 😀

      1. Thanks for your reply evo!
        Yeah, I went to Ng’s collection a few times and can never find the ones I want(Kabuto, Gatack, Black, Ichigo, Nigo, V3 etc).
        And many thanks for the tip on the Sunday bazaar! I kept going to CSC on Saturdays so that’s probably why I’ve been missing out alot!
        I guess I’ll be going to CSC again this Sun!

  3. woah.. nice inner frames there! i’ve always wanted to start a zaku.. but still got a huge back log.. lolx. and you did some masking i supposed? very nicely done.. =) can’t wait to see it weathered! cos i oso thinking of using the weathering kit.. see how it turns out. ^^

    1. Hey thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I’ve also added you back. Not a lot of complicated masking was needed since I could just hand paint some of the areas with a brush. Well there’s a first time for everything so I hope my first weathered kit wouldn’t turn out too bad!

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