Zaku II: Internal Frame Assembled

Building the internal frame took around 3 days with minimal sanding. Let’s see if my art knife skills (or lack thereof) can live up to the scrutiny of Mr. Surfacer.

Some parts were sanded to get rid of the flash lines. I’ve also commenced sanding the flash lines on the weapons too. They should be ready for priming as well.

No problems with the high kneel for now. Wonder if it can remain this flexible with all the armour slapped on.

Speaking of armour, the pieces are still untouched. I’ll probably do this model in two stages, treating the armour separate until I’m done with the inner frame. That will give me the equivalent of two models in one. The parts will take up less space too.

Oh crap. I only have a little bit of Mr. Surfacer left. Time to go get several cans more. Maybe I can look for my metal parts and sneak in some arcade time too.

I totally forgot the existence of the MS-06F Zaku II when I bought this guy. Should have went for that one instead. But if I wanted a more remarkable suit, I should have gotten Char’s Zaku. I also got the wrong set of Gundam Decals. I’m now holding on to the “Real Type Zaku” decal sheet when I should be getting the normal MS-06J Zaku decal sheet. Ah well. So much for impulse purchases.


8 thoughts on “Zaku II: Internal Frame Assembled”

  1. Yes metal parts!!!

    The internal frames of the zaku looks kinda cool by itself haha 😀 Can’t wait for the next part ^^

    1. I didn’t buy the thrusters right away because I didn’t bring the plastic parts for comparison. I only took some measurements at home. If I really want I could go there to get them another day (since I may need another trip). My actual objectives were ball bearings/tiny rivets and pipe springs. Sure they have the brass rivets but painting those tiny things silver would be a chore.

      Anyway, I’m not that far into building this guy yet so I can take my time to source these things. Hopefully I can get them without buying online (shipping is costly). Do you have any tip-offs? Or is painting the brass bits silver the way to go?

  2. Ah I didn’t spot those much, I think.

    I’m not really into modifying my kits with extra parts but painting them sounds like the way to go. Save some cash and gain some knowledge how to work with them at the same time.

  3. well i have to ask one more question what colour did u use for the inner frame gundam gray? i desided not to get mr polisher pro witch i realy wanted to just get paint brushes and other things u sujested. im so siked to get my zaku!!!!! XD

    1. I use Neutral Gray + Black, but Gundam Gray should give you a similar, if not same colour. Mr. Polisher looks like an electric toothbrush, maybe buying one and replacing the head with sandpaper would be cheaper?

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