Gets for Today

My exams ended last Wednesday but the bad weather made me refuse to budge my lazy ass until today.

I also tried out the Gundam: Senjou no Kizuna arcade game (the one where you sit inside a pod and get motion sickness) and was totally floored but I forgot to update my card at the pilot terminal when I was done. Anyone want to play with me? 😀 I spelt my card name wrongly after I confirmed it. orz

Gotta start planning on what to do to this nice Zaku II… I don’t think I’ll be changing its colour scheme. I guess trying out some light weathering will be good since it’s the J type. Maybe I’ll spam metal aftermarket parts if I can get my hands on them.


2 thoughts on “Gets for Today”

  1. I remember reading about that arcade game somewhere lol but can’t remember. Is it fun? And what mechs were available for playing?

    Somehow Zakus just look good in their default green / char’s red ^^. Can’t think of any other color that will suit them. Would love to see you do a WIP on those metal parts! Want to use them too but I have no idea though…

    1. Controls wise it’s like a tank driving game with 2 pedals and 2 joysticks. It’s quite fun if you can overcome motion sickness. You get to play online with other players. You start with GM or Zaku II but as you level up you can unlock new mass-production MS or upgrade your current one with new weapons. The most expensive suits on both sides as far as I know is Gundam and Gelgoog. I believe the timeline is restricted to UC 0079 – 0080. There’s a lot of pre-game preparation that makes it look complicated but in the end you just jump into the map and whack your enemies, that’s all. If you have friends playing together, then it’s more fun because there’s voice chat within the arcade.

      I’ll try to get some metal parts and write a tutorial. The problem now is finding them. LOL

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