Over a year old! / Get…?

Just realised I’m several weeks late – this blog is over a year old already! I just looked at my first few entries and most of them were pretty much just news snippets of upcoming toys. So for the blog, I hope I can continue sharing reviews of toys and Gundam models, and possibly increase my skills if I ever have the time to build them. Right now I’m in the midst of mid-term tests, and having not gone through education and examinations for almost 3 years, has made this a very taxing period. I cleared 2 insanely tough tests already; one more looms this Saturday and another in mid-October.

Anyway, it’s too late for celebratory photos, but what is this box doing on my desk?

DSC00970 - Copy

I wonder what lies inside it…

DSC00971 - Copy

C-could it be yet another bandwagon-jumper…?

DSC00972 - Copy

Seriously, being able to shop online is so addictive I actually spent a few hours once surfing sites like Amazon, Hobby Search and more. I had to stop myself from going on. But I still dived into Ebay and found some figures on my wishlist that were still available. Ignoring the risks of buying from Ebay, I whipped the dough and paid for the above item. Later on, I got all worried when I realised I could be getting myself a fake. I’m glad it’s not, (unless I’m terribly, terribly mistaken) and now I’m wondering if I should open it…

2 thoughts on “Over a year old! / Get…?”

  1. Congrats on your blogs one year birthday ^^. Man I hate exams!! Reminds me of all the mugging I did while in NUS…

    1. Thanks! Haha those of us who haven’t studied for 2+ years thanks to a certain armed organisation are all brain-fried from the difficulty of the tests! We’re all placing our hopes on the bell curve lol.

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