Life with Braces 4: Pain Returns

I just came back from a trip to the dentist. He made some slight adjustments to the bridge across the roof of my mouth as I complained that one side of my tongue was pressing hard against it. The shape of the bridge is imprinted on my tongue, but it hurts a little on that side. He also clipped the rest of the brackets in my upper jaw as not all of them were completely clipped to the archwire. For the lower jaw, he added a second archwire. The pain is back.

Actually I posted this to see if my RSS feed was working. I’ve just started to use Google Reader to manage my subscriptions and it’s an awesome product by Google. It’s more convenient than bookmarking feeds in Firefox as I can see everything in one screen like a LiveJournal Friends page. So I was looking at my own RSS feed and noticed that the previous post didn’t show up. Not that I’m expecting people to subscribe to my feed, but I was curious to see what conditions resulted in a post not showing up in the feed.

I haven’t built a Gundam kit for a long time. In fact I have this crazy craving of wanting to spend on so many things. :3c (now hopping onto the bandwagon of people who love this emoticon)

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