My First Online Purchase

My first online purchase was a few sale items from HLJ. I wanted to see if I successfully set up a Paypal account, and decided that since there were some items that were really cheap, I could buy one and see if the transaction worked. That was last Monday. DSC00702 - Copy

This week, I found this box.

DSC00704 - Copy

Being my first online purchase, I was swayed by the advice posted on their website which said that SAL could take up to 45 days to arrive. The rates for EMS and SAL were very different, so I picked EMS and added one more item thinking that the total shipping cost would not be proportional to the number of items bought. I was mistaken.

DSC00706 - Copy

Here’s a quick size comparison with my old MG Gundam Ver. OYW 0079.

DSC00708 - Copy

And these were the prices of the items I bought. It turned out that the total shipping cost was 1100 yen, so what I thought was a great bargain turned out moot as what I could have saved was spent on shipping via EMS instead. Lesson learnt: be patient and choose SAL, unless you’re buying large items (like for example, a Perfect Grade model). On the other hand, I thought it would have been more appropriate to quote the shipping cost before actually committing the order so that I could still have a chance to choose SAL if I knew that EMS cost so much.

I wonder what lay inside the box…

8 thoughts on “My First Online Purchase”

  1. Yeah, I always choose SAL, even if it does take longer. The main reason for this though is because the postal services here have introduced handling charges, meaning that if an item from another country costs over £20 (and it always does), then they get to add about £10 on top of that. This is regardless of which shipping method I choose, so it’s easier to pay as little as I can. Sorry for ranting, I am intrigued as to what you bought though!

    Regarding the shipping method thing, I thought you could change which method you wanted at any time until HLJ asks for payment?

  2. Congrats for your order at HLJ… HLJ is really a trustable online shop. They are selling at the official price and sometimes under it when there are sales.
    I use to order with the “SAL Small Packet” shipping method because it’s less expensive… but I lost 3 parcels T_T Besides in France, we have the problem of the custom fees 😦

    1. The first online shop I could think of right after I set up Paypal was HLJ.

      So you use EMS now? I guess SAL’s better for small items, unless there’s free shipping, like last week. Should have got myself a whole bunch of di:stages back then.

      1. No, I do not use EMS ’cause in France EMS=custom fees=~25 euros more. For SAL Small Packets, it seems that we can be luckier and get no custom fees and if there are custom fees, they are less expensive than with EMS method.
        I am not yet rich enough to afford the luxury of using EMS =/

        That’s funny I bought black di:stage at HLJ with EMS too last week 😉

        1. Wow that’s some expensive custom fees. Is it also 25 Euros for small items? That really leaves no choice but SAL.

          Great! *high fives* Those things are now way superior to Bandai’s Tamashii Stage.

  3. I’m always choose SAL for my package (can’t really afford EMS). But they (HLJ) will use registered SAL for large items and they called it as Parcel, while the small items will be listed under “small packet”

    1. I make a point to use SAL for my online purchases now for the same reasons as you. I still haven’t made large purchases (which is good for my wallet) so I’ve not encountered registered SAL yet.

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