Life with Braces 3: FullMetal Mouth

Today’s trip to the dentist saw me having the rubber spacers removed and a large metal bridge thing forced between my back teeth in my upper jaw. The dentist said it was to prevent the back teeth from moving. At first I nearly gagged when I felt the metal wire across the top of my mouth and had to struggle a bit to swallow or say certain consonants. Right now it’s back to discomfort time and possibly a rehash of last week’s teeth pain. I can also constantly taste a metallic tang in my mouth but it’s different from that of steel or blood.

Also, he took several more photographs.

Payment wise, the nurse mentioned that I had already paid SGD$120 for this metal thing previously, so I did not pay anything this time. I think I have lost track of the money I’ve paid. :/

The next appointment would be sometime in September. By the way, I’m working on another progress post (more procrastination) so that this blog’s content still remains relevant.

Edit: Food is a struggle as it gets stuck at the back of the mouth and movement of the tongue is slightly restricted so more gagging.

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