Another Progress Post

Since the last update, the sniper rifle of the Cherudim has been painted. I finished painting the white bits and am currently left with the red, purple and clear green pieces as well. Unfortunately, I damaged one of the clear parts on the kit.

What started as me having itchy fingers and hand brushing the clear parts turned out to be a disaster. I should have known from past experience that clear parts are best airbrushed. I had to strip the paint on the head sensor and soaking it in thinner was the only option to get it removed. This caused the part to form hairline cracks.

DSC00575 - Copy

You can barely see this in the lousy photo, but the clear part isn’t so clear anymore.

But in my previous post, I bought a set of Wave H-Eyes for no reason. Now was The time to break it out of its package.

DSC00576 - Copy

I used one 3mm piece and airbrushed Clear Blue on the front side.

DSC00577 - Copy

On the back, I stuck a piece of silver tape and cut the excess. On the existing clear part, I sanded the convex face to make space for the replacement piece.

DSC00581 - Copy

The result is a light-catching head sensor.

DSC00583 - Copy

So catchy.

As for my sad excuse for an attempt to post-shade the kit, I decided to use a mixture of Smoke Gray and Super Clear. Being my first shading attempt, I found this method slightly easier than pre-shading. Sadly…

DSC00584 - Copy

Disaster strikes.

Life these few weeks has been a whirlwind of activity, mostly originating from school-related stuff (camp, briefings and lots of gambling bidding unluckyness shenanigans). While I admit I have been procrastinating a lot, I found one redeeming reason for my slowness.

DSC00578 - Copy

I’ve been looking for this for some time to no avail, and last Sunday when I ran out of paint I went to get supplies and thought of buying some aftermarket decals to plaster the Cherudim with tons of tiny essays and warning labels before chancing upon this.

2 thoughts on “Another Progress Post”

  1. Funny they included A-Laws decals with the Cherudim. Possible hint at future releases maybe.

    Mind sharing where you source for after market decals?

    1. Yea it’s kinda strange seeing how current A-Laws suits are only available in 1/144 scale.

      For my previously completed Exia, I got a set of decals from with help from a friend. If you are in Singapore, you can get decals from places like Hobby Point or M Workshop (located in Sunshine Plaza).

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