Life with Braces 2: Metal Mouth

This morning I paid a visit to the dentist. He re-inserted a rubber spacer which fell out 3 days after the previous appointment.

My appointments were delayed by a week because of an orientation camp I attended. Opportunity cost… I could have earned SGD$200 and got my SGD$50 registration fee back if I withdrew from it.

Back to the point, I also had my braces installed. Right now it’s almost 10 hours and it’s just uncomfortable. On some of the brackets, there is a little sharp point sticking out the side. I have a feeling I will be getting ulcers galore. I can’t chew hard food now. The discomfort will become pain. Huge chunks of food get stuck at the back of my mouth, held in place by the sharp points that act as barbs as they point away from my tongue.

I forked out SGD$1400. My next appointment is next Wednesday, where the dentist will replace the rubber spacers with metal ones (!). After that, follow-up appointments are monthly.

By the way, I’m writing this at a Starbucks at One Fullerton.

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2 thoughts on “Life with Braces 2: Metal Mouth”

    1. Ah well I asked for it anyway. I’m trying to bear the pain when chewing so that I can at least eat a bigger variety of food instead of eating porridge or mashed potatoes. I hope the pain goes away. Come to think of it, I have been having fast food at least once a day since I got my braces installed. Urgh.

      I didn’t write a long entry because the past few days have been a whirlwind of activity for me. The dentist gave a tiny little box of hot glue-like sticks for me to tear little lumps and stick them where the braces are causing discomfort. I’m thankful for those things though it is a little late and I think I’ve got an ulcer or two sitting inside my mouth already.

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