Surfacered Cherudim

1/100 Cherudim Gundam

1/100 Cherudim Gundam

Just a short update to keep my blog alive. These photos of the kit primed and ready for paint were taken last week. I used up quite a large volume of surfacer for this kit, being slightly more complex than the 00 Gundam. Can’t help wasting paint when you’re spraying from a spray can and have no control over the spray intensity. There are several seam lines I have yet to fix when these photos were taken because of the different coloured parts between them.

By the way, I’m now using my new laptop in full force and Windows needs your permission to continue Vista seems to have a different renaming convention for file copies. Inconsistent file names… Also, my previous laptop ran XP so the font for my photo watermarks was downloaded. Now Vista has the same font pre-installed but I can’t get Photoshop to recognise that and had to reconfigure the actions for adding the watermark.

In the end I’m still settling for the default colour scheme. I think it’s OCD preventing me from deviating from show accuracy. I have this nagging feeling that I have to modify the kit appropriately to go with a different colour scheme (think Cherudim Saga/Virtue Physical etc.). Since I’m not competent enough to make any modifications to it,  I might as well try out something new – shading.

My first attempts at pre-shading the green parts failed miserably. I painted all the green parts and added a small amount of white to my paint. The next day I went on to paint the centres of the panels. It turned out that there was a possibility my paint was contaminated by moisture when I painted the first round at night so the new colour still had the same shade as the previous paint underneath.

Then I went on to make a mixture for the gray parts. Following the colour guide it seemed that the colour boxes were mismatched so I mixed a smaller-than-usual volume expecting the colour to be meant for the rifle. In the end, I ran out of the mixture before finishing everything. This setback has been making me procrastinate even more.

On an unrelated note, I noticed that someone on Craigslist linked to my review of Optimus Prime. I never expected such a plain nondescript review to be linked to. There are so many more famous reviewers out there than me. So to the readers from Craigslist, thanks for stopping by!


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