Next Project: 1/100 Cherudim Gundam

1/100 Cherudim Gundam

This was a gift from almost two months ago. As I was still working on the Exia then, I only started on it recently.

1/100 Cherudim Gundam

1/100 Cherudim Gundam

Out of box assembly. As with the other 1/100 Season 2 models, this guy lacks a waist joint and detail otherwise found in their Season 1 counterparts.

Initial work was started on sanding down the unsightly sink marks on the Shield Bits.

1/100 Cherudim Gundam

Here you can see the marks on a particular piece. Because of the crap molded underneath the part, the plastic shrinks at thicker areas as it solidifies and becomes visible on flat surfaces like the Shield Bits. In this case, the plastic shrunk as there was a square-shaped bit on the other side. To remove them, I spent a few hours sanding the flat surfaces down on all 9 Bits.

1/100 Cherudim Gundam

This is what you get when you spend minutes sanding on one surface. The sides were also sanded down as they had sink marks too.

1/100 Cherudim Gundam

All 9 Bits sanded flat. Some of you might guess from the unnatural lighting that by time I finished, it was evening already.

I took my time with this kit as I spent most of the rest of it watching shows. Next steps are the addition of a waist joint same as the one I did with my 00 Gundam, and possibly light-up eyes. This might see no fruition as the head is quite packed and it seems a little daunting to cram an LED inside it. I have yet to come up with a colour scheme for this kit too. I’m not keen on the default scheme.

3 thoughts on “Next Project: 1/100 Cherudim Gundam”

  1. awesome dude!

    you make your own hip joint….that is Bad ass.

    You’re making me want to make my own Gundam now…. hahah,

    Tell you what. I’ll make one and I’ll name it after you.

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