Inching My Way Towards Completion

My progress with my 1/100 Exia is becoming increasingly steady and here are more in-progress pictures.

1/100 Gundam Exia

A shot of my messy parts storage box. Compared with the previous round, pretty much all the parts have been painted.

The photo above was taken in dim light and post-processed with Auto Color in Photoshop. I have also done the panel lines using black Tamiya enamel paint. Besides the legs mentioned before, the same multiple rounds of painting process was also done on the arms and GN Blades. The clear parts have been painted with a thin coat of green but will not be attached until after everything is completely done. Also notice the GN Sword blade – almost reflective.

The blue parts are actually not what they look in real life. This time round, I changed the colour formula a little and it yielded unexpectedly great results. Previously, I simply used a mix of Cobalt Blue and White. The colour used for this model is the same but with a little Fluorescent Pink added to obtain a barely purplish hue and it might be responsible for the artifically bright appearance.

On to the face. I tried to improve the detail a little by scribing panel lines on the face vents.

1/100 Gundam Exia

This photo taken previously shows how the face vents look out-of-box. I scribed parallel lines as closely as possible on a piece of 0.2mm thick plastic. This took several tries to get right. They were then cut into 4 wedges that were glued onto where the face vents should be. Unfortunately, after priming and painting the lines got covered up. I tried to redraw them using a Gundam marker and the results were disastrous.

1/100 Gundam Exia

I had no choice but to strip the paint job and redo it. This time I used a craft knife to re-scribe the lines after every round/coat of paint.

1/100 Gundam Exia

The paint job isn’t perfect but the panel lines were at least preserved. For reference, the grid is 1cm x 1cm, and the widest width of each of the 4 face vent wedges is barely 1mm. The yellow was hand-painted.

For the GN Sword blade, I followed the box art style and tried using Mr. Metal Color on it.

1/100 Gundam Exia

I read online that metallic paints require a base coat of gloss black. I only had flat black so I sprayed a layer of gloss Super Clear. I did not polish the part beforehand, only used primer. I suppose the black may have turned out better if this was done beforehand.

1/100 Gundam Exia

This is the blade after painting with Mr. Metal Color Chrome Silver. The paint was used straight from the jar without thinning. The silver rubs off easily onto one’s fingers. I didn’t wait for at least one day for the paint to cure and happily went on to rub the part with my shirt in an attempt to bring out the shine.

1/100 Gundam Exia

This is a shot of the part with the front 3cm rubbed. Notice the shine. However, the paint also brings out surface imperfections so you can see the grainy texture of the prior paint layers. Also, I rubbed off a little too much paint and had to spray another layer. You can see from the first photo right on top the end result after waiting one day for the second layer of paint and 3 silver-stained shirts.

My next step would be to apply decals which were obtained from Samuel Decal. Hopefully all goes smoothly.

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